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The goal of Curriculum Watch is to ensure standards of education that are historically accurate and ethnically and culturally unbiased. Chaired by Dr. Sandra Alfonsi, Curriculum Watch takes on the serious business of challenging publishers and educational institutions when their textbooks and materials indicate a bias against Jews or other minorities, or when the history of the United States, Israel, or the world is clearly misstated or “sanitized” in favor of one group over another.

When a textbook contains maps of the Middle East but Israel is missing, when history books include World War II but never mention the Holocaust, Curriculum Watch begins the sometimes arduous process of dealing with school systems, publishing houses, and communities to remedy the situation.Dr. Alfonsi works with a distinguished Advisory Board of 18 professors, historians and attorneys.

See Dr. Alfonsi speak briefly about why Curriculum Watch means so much to her:

If you feel that the school is not providing students with complete and informative text books, please fill out the information form below and our Curriculum Watch team will reach out to you.

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What should you be looking for?

  • Check your child's textbook, look at the Index and spot check such subjects as Israel, Judaism, Holocaust, Islam, Christianity. Read some of it and if you find what you feel or think is questionable material, follow the process, please fill out the information form.    
  • If your child is using an online textbook, check for online videos on Israel, the Middle East. Provide the online access code for the textbook used by your child and also the name of the video.
  • Notify us of videos or DVDs brought into the classroom and assignments given based on them.
  • Watch for PBS and National Geographic specials on World Religions and the Middle East.
  • Notify us of speakers brought into the classroom.
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If you respond and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from Hadassah the Women's Zionist Organization of America.



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Questionable Textbook Material Information

As you can imagine, there are many textbooks with multiple editions in use in our school systems. If your child brings home questionable textbook material covered in class or given as homework, please provide the following information to help us pinpoint where to concentrate our efforts.


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  • Copy the material, make certain that it has the page number and indicate the opening and closing lines; or write down the page number and the lines included. 
  • Please include the name of the course and the level, i.e., Social Studies, 6th grade.

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