Join us in advocating for the health and well-being of women. Put your Jewish values into action and help us build a healthier, safer and more equitable world.  Learn more about Hadassah's domestic advocacy agenda, and take action on a wide range of women's health, reproductive rights, and economic security issues. 

Women's Health Equity

Hadassah supports medical research and health care reform, especially with a focus on women’s health equity, reproductive health care and support for women’s preventive services. Medical research, diagnostic tools, and treatments are frequently based on male physiology — leading to misdiagnosis and compromised health care for women.

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Women's Safety and Security

Current laws do not go far enough, nor are enforced rigorously enough, to prevent violence against women. Protect our communities by speaking out from gun control to gender-based issues like sexual harassment and human trafficking.

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Civil Rights and Human Rights

Hadassah's efforts are focused on removing barriers to basic services, education, housing, voting and employment. This includes strengthening LGBTQ rights, racial justice, advocating for refugees and immigrants, support of affirmative action and disabilities protections.

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Women's Rights: Economic Equity and Protections

As a women’s organization, Hadassah has a particular obligation and an unwavering commitment to women’s rights and concerns. Hadassah supports policies that improve the quality of life for women—advocating for caregiver support, pay equity, and expansion of family and medical leave.

Expand Access to Family and Medical Leave ›

Day in the District

Build relationships with elected officials. Hadassah members train in the basics of lobbying, and then get up and go. Spend a Day on the Hill in Washington, D.C., meet with Members of Congress and staff, and receive briefings from government agencies and foreign embassies. If you who cannot leave town, you can meet with your US Representatives or Senators in their regional offices, on a Day in the District program. Or, participate in a Date with the State and lobby your state-level officials about matters of importance to women and the Jewish community.

Advocacy at Your Fingertips

Log on and act—you can make a difference in an instant.

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