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Advocacy is central to Hadassah's mission—helping our members and supporters realize their potential as a dynamic force in American society. From supporting the creation of the State of Israel and selling war bonds, to championing stem cell and gender-balanced medical research, Hadassah has a long and proud history of advocacy on issues important to women and the Jewish community. Hadassah, the Power of Women who Advocate.

The following Policy Statements correspond to Hadassah's top policy priorities. For a full list of Hadassah's Policy Statements contact advocacy@hadassah.org.

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Unwavering Support for Israel

Central to Hadassah's mission is a staunch and unequivocal support for Israel’s sovereignty and security. Hadassah thanks the United States government for support and urges all nations and leaders to speak out for Israel’s right to defend itself against all threats that endanger the safety and security of Israeli citizens. Hadassah encourages Hadassah members, Associates, and supporters to advocate for Israel.

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Combating Delegitimization of Israel

Hadassah denounces the systematic global campaign to delegitimize the State of Israel and reaffirms Hadassah's long-standing policy against all forms of organized boycotts. Hadassah supports efforts to counter delegitimization and calls on members of the academic, cultural, and business communities to actively pursue partnerships with Israel.

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United Nations Reform

While some recent strides have been taken toward Israel’s acceptance at the U.N., Hadassah remains outraged by the bias against Israel that continues to pervade the institution. This statement restates and proposes additional changes to U.N. institutions and bodies.

Combating Anti-Semitism

In response to a rise in anti-Semitic acts of violence around the world, Hadassah calls on all nations and international bodies to establish or intensify their efforts to address anti-Semitic hate crimes. Hadassah also urges political and religious leaders to denounce anti-Semitic attacks, statements, and propaganda—especially from within their own country or faith.

Support and Funding for Women’s Health Research

Hadassah is deeply concerned by the tremendous gaps in knowledge regarding women’s biology, health, and disease and by the scarcity of research that is being done to fill those gaps. Hadassah calls on the United States government to continue support and funding for medical and biotechnological research, work to remove barriers and further medical advancement in women’s health.

Women's Preventative Health

Women face unique health challenges and require unique preventive health services through every stage of their lives to ensure they stay healthy. Hadassah calls on Congress and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide for the planning and implementation of a national public outreach, educational, and media campaign to raise public awareness, including provider awareness, of women's preventive health.

Combating Human Trafficking

All nations must make the elimination of trafficking a priority by strengthening anti-trafficking legislation, sharing information, promoting demand reduction strategies, aggressively prosecuting traffickers, penalizing all those profiting from the trafficking enterprise, and mounting public information campaigns.

Women’s Economic Equity and Security

Affirms commitment to the necessity of quality childcare for the well-being of American society and calls on the public and private sectors to provide affordable childcare services and subsidies.Affirms commitment to the necessity of quality childcare for the well-being of American society and calls on the public and private sectors to provide affordable childcare services and subsidies.Affirms commitment to the necessity of quality childcare for the well-being of American society and calls...


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Hadassah's Policy Statements represent the organization's official stance on a wide variety of issues facing our nation, Israel and other international matters of concern. Policy Statements are debated and voted on at national meetings by Hadassah’s national board and delegates from our membership. Once approved, statements become official policies of the organization and serve to define Hadassah's overall agenda and advocacy priorities. Hadassah, as a charitable organization classified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, is strictly non-partisan and is prohibited from any direct or indirect support or opposition of candidates for public office.

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