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Support Paid Sick Days

Twenty-three percent of American adults report that they have lost a job or have been threatened with job loss for taking time off due to illness or to care for a sick family member. The potential to lose a job is even greater, and the consequences more dire, for the 40 million private sector workers (39 percent of the private sector workforce) who do not have access to paid sick leave.

The Healthy Families Act (H.R. 1286 & S.631) was introduced in March and was referred to committee in both the House and Senate. This legislation would provide 90 percent of the private sector workforce—an additional 30 million workers—access to earned paid sick leave.

The Healthy Families Act would require businesses with 15 or more employees to provide earned paid sick time at the rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked, up to 56 hours (7 days). This time could be used by the employee to recover from illness, for medical appointments, to care for a sick relative, or to attend to issues resulting from domestic or sexual violence. Employers would have the right to request certification from a doctor (or in the case of domestic violence, a law enforcement or victim advocate) to confirm valid absence.

In addition to helping workers, this legislation would also help employers and communities. Countless studies have proven that there are significant business (increased productivity, lower healthcare costs) and public health interests in providing paid sick leave.

Far too many Americans are forced to choose between financial stability and their own health and safety, or that of their families. Urge your legislators to co-sponsor and support the Health Families Act of 2013!

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Advocacy Alerts

  • Stand With Pregnant Workers Day of Action
  • On Wednesday, December 3, 2014, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Peggy Young v. UPS, a pregnancy discrimination case which will have a major impact on the health and economic security of women and families across the country.
  • Bring Alan Gross Home From Cuba!
  • During the last several years, Hadassah has joined with Jewish community partners in advocating for the release of Alan Gross, a Jewish American from Maryland imprisoned for the past 5 years in Cuba.
  • Hadassah Deeply Concerned by Act of Violence against Jewish Student at Temple University
  • Hadassah expresses horror at learning of an act of violence against a Jewish student at Temple University last week. Hadassah deplores all forms of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and violence against any person based on their race, ethnicity, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender, national origin or disability. We join with the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, of which Hadassah is a member, in calling for civility and security on college campuses in light of increased global anti-Semitism.
  • Urge Congress to Affirm Support for Israel
  • Israel once again finds itself in a time of crisis, forced to take military action to defend its citizens from indiscriminate rocket and mortar fire. American support and strategic partnerships are instrumental to securing Israel’s safety. In recent days over 500 rockets have been launched at Israel from Gaza, and over 75 missiles headed for populated areas were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.
  • Hadassah Responds to Presbyterian Church Divestment Decision
  • Hadassah joins the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the Israel Action Network in expressing outrage, disappointment and sadness over the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) decision to divest from three American companies because of their sales to the government of Israel. See below for excerpts from the joint JCPA/IAN statement or read the full press release on the Israel Action Network website.

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