Hadassah Leadership Fellows

Become a Hadassah Leadership Fellow and experience the POWER OF WOMEN WHO DO.  Hadassah leaders have the power to heal; the power to advocate; and the power to support Israel. Hadassah is an organization of powerful women who make a difference - women who “DO”.

Hadassah believes in building a world where our Jewish values in action create strong community and an enduring Israel. With members in every congressional district in the Unites States, Hadassah women are everywhere—working and learning together—empowering others to effect change locally, nationally and internationally. Hadassah women are activists, fundraisers, visionaries, wives, sisters, daughters and mothers. We don't just talk. Hadassah women DO.

What is the Hadassah Leadership Fellows program?

The Hadassah Leadership Fellows is a two-year leadership engagement program designed to inspire and cultivate future leaders by offering candidates opportunities to grow and lead and to perform volunteer work for Hadassah and the larger community. The program, sponsored by Hadassah, The Women's Zionist Organization of America, offers you an opportunity to:

  • Network with Jewish women leaders from around the country
  • Advance your leadership training and experience
  • Understand the work of Hadassah
  • Journey to Israel and connect its people, history and culture
  • Advocate and effect change

The Hadassah Leadership Fellows (HLF) program changes lives and impacts communities. HLF will inspire you to reach your potential as a Jewish leader.

Program Overview

March 13-14, 2016:

Experience Hadassah’s Power-Past and Present: Program Orientation. Learn about Hadassah and envision your potential to DO. (New York, New York)

May 17-26, 2016:

Rae Frank Mission to Poland and Israel. Travel with Hadassah to Poland and Israel. As a Hadassah insider, you’ll be motivated spiritually and personally by over a century’s worth of socially responsible initiatives in the modern state of Israel.

July 2016:

Join Hadassah members from across the United States at our National Convention in Atlanta, GA. )

September 18-19, 2016:

Leadership through Action & Development Seminar.  Interactive seminar with sessions on team building, board decision making, and volunteer options.

November 2016:

Advocacy Webinar Briefing. Learn how to advocate for Hadassah on the state and federal level. We will identify and explore the mechanics of lobbying and issue education in preparation for our experience in Washington, DC.   

February 27-March 1, 2017:

Advocacy Experience in Washington D.C. Meet and engage members of Congress on Hadassah issues and hear up-to-the-minute briefings on issues of concern to American Jewish Women.

Meet the Fellows

The Hadassah Leadership Fellows program (HLF) is engaging and empowering the next generation of Jewish women. Fresh back from their mission to Israel, the Fellows experienced firsthand Hadassah’s wide-ranging work in Israel and had access to a variety of political, business, and social group leaders as part of HLF’s emphasis on networking and collaboration. The Fellows formed vibrant, strong connections to Israel and its people, and are a bridge between the Hadassah of Henrietta Szold and its newest generation of leaders. The Mission focused on four main areas: Women’s Health and Medical Research; Venture Capital; Public Policy; and Social Justice. Follow the Fellows on twitter #HadassahFellows and see more of their mission here.


Tovah Shraga


Stacey Dorenfeld


Sandra Mann


Sandra Kitain


Sallie Rootberg


Patricia Johnson


Michelle Conwisar


Lynda Youngblade


Lyn Wise


Leslie Hickey


Jody Commins


Jennifer Jackson Strage


Ellen Eichen Kroot


Delaney Rieke


Cheryl Dorchinsky


Anjelica Ruiz

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