Zionism for Millennials

Chloé Valdary is a Tikvah Fellow at The Wall Street Journal working under Pulitzer Prize-winning author Bret Stephens. There, she is conducting a research project on the state of Israel advocacy in America today — namely, what works, what doesn't, and how to make it better. Born and raised in a kosher-style Christian home in New Orleans, Louisiana, she became involved in pro-Israel activism as a college freshman. In 2013, her comments on the dangers of BDS went viral. In 2014, she wrote “To the Students for Justice in Palestine from an Angry Black Woman.” Her work as a Zionist thinker and human rights activist has been featured in The Jerusalem Post, the Daily Beast and others.

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Join Chloé Valdary as she discusses the following topics:

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Chloé Valdary: A Zionist. A New Orleans-raised Christian
Chloé Valdary: A Zionist. A New Orleans-raised Christian

Chloé Valdary talks about the dignity of difference and ways the Jewish people contribute to the rest of civilization, and the relevance of exile, Exodus, and empowerment in the 21st century.

Millennials, Zionism & Inspiration
Millennials, Zionism & Inspiration

How we can make Zionism resonate for millennials by showing how it can add value to Millennials’ lives.

MLK, civil rights, and the language of Zionism
MLK, civil rights, and the language of Zionism

Looking at the ways that the Jewish ethos has informed luminaries in the civil rights movement and in culture, from Martin Luther King to Bob Marley to the Dalai Lama to Nina Simone.

A New Normal: Pop Culture & Israel
A New Normal: Pop Culture & Israel

A crucial element of Zionist education in America today must be to humanize Israelis and emphasize our similarities. It’s time to educate young Jews about Israeli history and, just as important, to engage them around everyday Israeli pop culture.

Intergenerational Conversations on Israel
Intergenerational Conversations on Israel

Valdary stresses the need to look beyond conflict to shared values.

Zionism as an Empowerment Narrative
Zionism as an Empowerment Narrative

Zionism is a story of empowerment. Empowerment narratives resonate with millennials. Valdary says young Jews must learn their own people’s history.

BDS: Moving Away from Myopia
BDS: Moving Away from Myopia

In the face of campus controversies around Zionism, we need to help more students understand Israeli history, how Zionism fits into an empowerment narrative far better than it does in a postcolonialism framework. e


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From: Beth on May 27, 2016
I wish Chloe would speak at UCI which is having such problems with the Palestinians bullying the Jewish students on campus
From: tobi ruth on May 20, 2016
I am very excited about this program. I teach Israel to 7th and 9th graders in an after school synagogue school. This is my 25th year and I have seen my students becoming less and less connected to Israel during the years. I hope this program will give me ideas to change this trend.
From: elaine on May 20, 2016
Ms. Valdary is an extremely bright and well-spoken woman who presents many interesting thoughts about zionism. We need more speakers like her in academia. thank you.
From: Barbara on May 19, 2016
Each segment was succinct and provided starting points for positive conversations re: the Jewish/Israel narrative. Very refreshing!
From: Shulamit on May 16, 2016
From: Masimba on May 11, 2016
"Zionism as an Empowerment Narrative" (they are all brilliant videos but today I am focusing on just that one) should strike a chord with emerging people around the world. Israel is an inspiration to us all.
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