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This past year some 6,000 babies were born in the Delivery Rooms at our Mount Scopus campus. The vast majority of newborns are discharged home with their mothers within a few days of their birth. However nearly 10% of births are premature. These neonates require intervention and assistance after delivery to survive the transition between intra-uterine and extra-uterine life. In addition, approximately 1% of these require full resuscitation measures.
Premature babies, often born to mothers who experienced high-risk pregnancies, are delivered in specially equipped Operating-Delivery Rooms through caesarean sections. We are turning to Young Hadassah to help us raise funds for vital equipment currently required in our Delivery Rooms, and to help care for our premature neonates.
Resuscitation Post
According to updated neonatal resuscitation recommendations released by The American Academy of Pediatrics in 2010, a special resuscitation post is required to treat newborns appropriately and minimize the damage of aggressive ventilation. This special post supplies warmth and enables gentle ventilation and titration of the oxygen concentration administered to the neonate.
We must urgently acquire an "open incubator" resuscitation post equipped with:
 a Neopuff ventilation and resuscitation machine
 a pulse oximeter, which monitors the patients’ hemoglobin saturation levels
 an oxygen blender, which controls the oxygen-air mix suitable for each individual patient.
neoBLUE - Led Phototherapy
The majority of newborn infants have some degree of hyper-bilirubinemia – jaundice, yellow coloration of the skin - which is mostly physiological and is not due to infection. However, excessively high bilirubin levels can cause brain damage, and some neonates require phototherapy to control their level of jaundice.
We must urgently acquire a neoBLUE Led Phototherapy device, which is extremely efficient in decreasing bilirubin levels. This device can eliminate the need for aggressive treatment such as blood exchange.

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