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100 mile bike ride ~ in honor of Cheryl Kamm ~ to raise money for Hadassah

My name is Shira Kamm. On September 10, I will do my very first 100-mile bike ride. For cyclists, a 100-mile bike ride is called a "Century," and I am doing this Century in honor of my stepmother Cheryl Kamm, and her dedication to Hadassah.

Cheryl and I are both lifelong members of Hadassah. Cheryl's mom (my step-grandmom) Lillian Pearl was a Life Member, and Cheryl has made sure that all of her children and grandchildren are Life Members, too. Cheryl has been a mover and a shaker in the Wilmington, Delaware chapter of Hadassah for more than thirty five years. She has been the co-president, the chair of the Past Presidents' Council, and the Records Administrator.

Cheryl is not daunted by thousands of little details, or by having innumerable conversations and meetings to make a difference for Hadassah. Furthermore, she has inspired my dad Ken Kamm to become a member of the Hadassah National Associates, and he has become a major mover and shaker for Hadassah, too.

My goal is to raise $1,500 in honor of Cheryl, and to have her name inscribed on the Centennial Path in Miriam's Garden at the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

My stepmom has been an inspiration to me, and I am inspired to challenge myself to do this ride.

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