Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO)

In Jerusalem, one of the world’s ancient cities, Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) is a beacon of healing: an ultra-modern complex that rivals the finest hospitals and research facilities anywhere in the world. The most challenging cases are HMO’s strength. Our medical teams excel in finding innovative solutions to complex medical problems. Just as importantly, they are famous for never giving up on a patient before they absolutely must.  Here is one patient’s story:

We treat one million patients a year without regard to race, religion or nationality. In fact, HMO was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

At Hadassah Medical Organization, a diverse community of healthcare professionals work side by side to deliver superlative patient care, and to carry out medical research that impacts people in every corner of the globe. HMO receives severely ill or injured patients whom other hospitals turn away because they lack the expertise to heal them.

Hadassah has two remarkable hospitals—Hadassah Mount Scopus, a community hospital built in 1939, and Hadassah Ein Kerem, a tertiary care facility built in 1961. Hadassah Ein Kerem is home to the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother & Child Center and the new state-of-the-art inpatient facility, the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, which was dedicated in 2012. The Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Medicine is also located in Jerusalem.

In 1962, renowned artist Marc Chagall selected the Abbell Synagogue at Hadassah’s hospital in Ein Kerem as the site of his twelve iconic stained glass windows, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. At the installation of the breathtaking works of art, the artist said, “This is my modest gift to the Jewish people, who have always dreamt of biblical love, friendship and of peace among all people.”

Hadassah Firsts
Hadassah Firsts

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Tuesday, Jun 20 2017

Send in the Clowns: A Hadassah UK Dispatch

This week Hadassah UK (HUK) brought in one of the Hadassah Medical Organization's best and more...


Friday, Jun 16 2017

Hadassah’s Director General Receives Honorary PhD from Cyprus Medical School

For sharing his knowledge and experience with senior officials in the Cyprus medical system,...


Thursday, Feb 16 2017

16 Deaf Palestinian Children Regain Hearing Thanks to Cochlear Surgery at Hadassah

A four-year-old from the Gaza Strip was born deaf and never learned to speak, but he and 15 other...


Tuesday, Feb 21 2017

Hadassah Cardiologists Publicize Israel’s Dramatic Decrease in Cardiovascular Death

Prof. Emeritus Mervyn Gotsman and Prof. Israel Gotsman of Hadassah Hospital’s Heart Institute...


Thursday, Feb 16 2017

Hadassah Opens Center for Disorders of Taste and Smell

As a new arm of its Unit for Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology within the Department of Oral...


Monday, Jan 30 2017

Hadassah Launches Pediatric Palliative/ Supportive Care Center

With the mission of supporting pediatric patients and their families facing terminal or serious...


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