Breast Cancer Awareness

We cannot care for others if we do not care for ourselves first. Educate yourself and help Hadassah spread the word about breast cancer prevention. At the same time, support for the groundbreaking research at Hadassah Medical Organization is bringing us all one step closer to a cure.

What Can I Do?

As scientists and doctors — including at HMO — deepen our understanding of breast cancer, we have more tools to fight it. Make sure you and your loved ones understand your risks — and what breast changes women should be on the lookout for. Talk to your loved ones about breast cancer in your family — and talk to your doctor about when and if you should get a mammogram — or genetic counseling. Then spread the word.


On the Ground

There are so many exciting events happening nationwide, from Boston to Atlanta to LA. Learn more about our upcoming local programs — The Uplift Project, Check It Out, and Celebrate the Ta Tas — learn about how communities are raising awareness, and see how you can help raise awareness online, and have fun.


Breast Cancer & Advocacy

Advocacy for women's health equity is a crucial component of Hadassah's strategy to advance health & wellness. Our advocates work to protect women's health coverage and expand research funding. As the convener of the Coalition for Women's Health Equity, we're building a national movement to address pervasive disparities throughout the health system. All of these efforts build on Hadassah's long history of women's health advocacy--especially on breast cancer, genetic non-discrimination, and preventive health.


Breast Cancer Research

The Hadassah Medical Organization is at the forefront of breast cancer research, responsible for several major advances in the global medical community's understanding of the disease, pioneering new treatments and helping survivors live longer and stronger. Today, HMO doctors are building on these breakthroughs to find a cure for breast cancer.


What Can I Do?

Now's the perfect time to get involved in raising awareness about breast cancer. Whether you're a breast cancer patient or survivor, been deeply impacted by the cancer of a loved one, or are a healthcare provider, you can add your power and voice to Hadassah's efforts to educate people across the US about this disease.

First, learn your risks and what to look for — and make sure you have an ongoing relationship with a healthcare provider who can advise you about mammograms and genetic counseling — including whether or when to get them. Spread the word to family and friends about risks.

Next, help Hadassah spread the word. Hadassah chapters nationwide are holding fun, empowering events for breast cancer awareness. Find a chapter near you by clicking here. You can read more about breast cancer programs, local and digital, here.

Hadassah advocates work to influence American legislators to prioritize women's health. You can, too. Become an advocate. The Coalition for Women's Health Equity, of which Hadassah is the convener, works in multiple ways to gain visibility and action for women's health nationally. Learn more here.

The Hadassah Medical Organization's groundbreaking research on breast cancer is helping save lives. Learn about that, and how you can support our Research in Service to Humanity Campaign.

On The Ground

Across America, Hadassah chapters are engaging their communities in Hadassah's national breast cancer awareness programs. Some are teaching teens breast self-awareness, while others are involving women in raising breast cancer visibility by decorating bras or painting their bodies, sharing personal stories of survival, or speaking with loved ones about family BRCA risks. In all of these ways, Hadassah women embody the Power of Women Who Heal.

Stories from Events

Hadassah women are always coming up with new ways to get together for a good cause. You can find stories of the powerful, heartwarming, and inspiring breast cancer awareness events happening around the country.

The Uplift Project® Gallery

Through The Uplift Project®, Hadassah raises awareness of breast cancer and empowers women to take charge of their health. Help our efforts to support breast cancer awareness from A to DD. Upload a photo of your decorated bra to your personal facebook page using #TheUpliftProject or on our Pinterest gallery coming October 1.


Add your power to ours — become a Hadassah advocate today. And learn about the Coalition for Women's Health Equity.



Advance the Hadassah Medical Organization's mission to develop lifesaving treatments through our Research in Service to Humanity Campaign.


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