Every Step Counts:Hadassah's Walking Program

In 2015, we made it over the finish line! From April to September 2015, over 1,000 women and men walked over 350,000 miles for their heart health. Hundreds made it all the way to Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem from our New York headquarters, crisscrossing the world on our virtual route.

Now we're doing it again. April 11-July 21, 2016. We're walking from Hadassah Medical Organization all the way to Hadassah National Convention in Atlanta.

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“Simple changes in terms of physical activity can prevent a very large percentage of heart disease…I think the most important message for a woman to take home is how much is really in her own hands and under her control.” —Harvard-trained cardiologist Dr. Donna Zfat-Zwas is Director of Hadassah Medical Organization’s Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness Center for Women.

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We Walked 14 Times Around Earth

We did it! From April 1 to September 27, over 1,000 women and men walked our virtual route to Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem. In total, we've walked 721 MILLION steps, or 360,000 miles. That's 14 times around the earth!

"The Minneapolis Chapter, motivated by Susan Blehert, initiated a program where we would gather in a group and walk for an hour or so, every Tuesday and Thursday morning. This project has created an outstanding psychological pick me up for those of us who have attended these walks. We have bonded in ways that could never happen while sitting at meetings or even working on committees together. Our friendships have deepened and our understanding and support of each other has magnified exponentially. We all are thrilled that this program awakened a new and healthy instinct in all of us. Some of us have even chosen to walk at times not on the regular schedule. We plan to continue this activity for as long as possible - inside or out. Thank you again for initiating this worthy program."

Merrie Kristol Forstein, Minneapolis, MN

A gift of $18 or $36 will support more heart health programming across the United States. This is a great way for you to join Hadassah in our mission to raise awareness that heart disease is the #1 cause of death in women in the US.


How To & Helpful Information


Heart disease is preventable in 82% of cases. What's one of the best ways to reduce your risk? Exercise! That’s why we created this walking challenge to help you stay on track and meet your exercise goals. We’re also fundraising to spread this empowering message to women and men across the United States. We've reached over 11,000 women with our heart health education and continue to save lives.

For 2016, we've simplified the registration process and streamlined the fundraising pages. If you didn't get into the program last year, give it another try. We think you'll like it.


Use any pedometer (or app on your phone) and track your daily steps on a simple website called Walker Tracker. You’ll love our map challenge. In the first year it was a virtual route that went from Hadassah headquarters in New York, traversing every Hadassah Region and ending at Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem. In 2016, we're walking from our hospitals to our national convention, Jerusalem to Atlanta, along a route showcasing The Power of Women Who Heal.

Profile pictures advance along the map next to all your friends. Pop up educational milestones told us where we are, “You’re in Paris, at the lab of Marie Curie." "You're in Washington, DC. Send a letter advocating for gender equity in medical research to your legislators."

We exercise in many ways besides walking so there’s a button to “Convert an Activity.” When you enter your daily progress with the “Add an Entry” button, you select from a drop-down list of four dozen activities (e.g., yoga, wheelchair use, swimming, golf) and enter the time spent. Voila! Walker Tracker converts that into steps and it’ll be added to your daily total.

We loved the social networking, weekly personalized walking stats, and comparisons of the progress for each Region—along with Associates, eMembers, Hadassah staff, and nonmembers.


All our walkers have the opportunity to fundraise and we're bringing in support to bring heart health programming to many communities across the country. All funds raised go to the US Initiative “Every Beat Counts: Hadassah’s Heart Health Program.” This support enables Hadassah to expand our educational and advocacy programs across the country. We've already received stories of the lives we've saved. Let's keep going.

The new, improved fundraising site allows you to email your friends and family and chart your progress. It’s not too late to contribute and join the mission. Donations are tax-deductible. Check if your local Hadassah chapter is holding a one-day walkathon to celebrate this program.



Which is right for you?

We provide a helping hand below, while the Mayo Clinic provides a concise overview of pedometers and trackers.

GOOD: Smartphone app $0-$5

Download a pedometer app onto your smartphone and it will count your steps all day (provided you keep your phone on your body all the time.) There are many, but only Moves (Android or iPhone), Apple Fit, and Google Health sync with Walker Tracker. With others, you will have to enter your steps manually. Newspapers and blogs run frequent reviews of the newest apps.

See what walking apps that are available ›

BETTER: Basic Pedometer $5-$30

Easy to program, easy to use. There are many to choose from. You will have to enter your steps manually. Be sure to check whether your pedometer resets each day at midnight or can store several days’ information. 

See the best basic pedometers available ›

BEST: Activity Trackers $40-$150

These high tech devices sync wirelessly with your smartphone and/or computer. Most of them even sync with Walker Tracker (details below), so you will never have to input your steps. You can change/upgrade your device at any time without losing the steps you have already logged in.

See the top activity trackers available ›


For maximum ease, you're best suited with a pedometer that syncs with Walker Tracker. Download these instructions of how to sync your device.

The devices that sync automatically are:

Charge Flex
(all Fitbits)

(all Jawbones)

Vivofit 2
(all Garmins)


Activite Pop
Activite Pulse
(all Withings)

Smartphone Apps

Apple Health (iPhone built-in app, compatible with Apple Watch)

Google Fit (Available as free download on Android devices)

Moves (direct integration and use of running/biking stats)›


Please send any questions to Eliana at health@hadassah.org.

Keep visiting this page for updates and new articles. Are you ready to live a heart healthy life? Find out how. Visit Every Beat Counts: Hadassah’s Heart Health Program.

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