A Visit to Jerusalem Prompts the Question: Why Hadassah?

Tuesday, Nov 11 2014

A chance to view Jerusalem's newest luxury hotel the Waldorf-Astoria on King David Street, to meet the architect and to renew their Zionism brought 75 Hadassah-Israel members out to the Annual Benefactors Tea in Jerusalem. The guest speaker was National Board Member Leah Reicin of Skokie, Illinois. "All those Jewish hospitals in the United States were founded because Jews were uncomfortable and unwanted in hospitals," said Reicin.

"Today, American Jews are disappearing, because of assimilation, intermarriage and low birth rates, while in Israel the birthrate is the highest in the western world despite economic and security problems." She lauded the advanced medicine at Hadassah Hospital which includes gene therapy, stem cells , and prenatal therapies. "Why Hadassah? It's the best way for Jewish women to express their confidence in Judaism and the State of Israel."


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Tuesday, Aug 29 2017

Responding to Hurricane Harvey: Help Needed!

Hurricane Harvey continues to bring heartbreaking devastation to Texas and beyond. Hadassah wants to do its part to alleviate Hurricane Harvey's devastation by directing you to the organizations listed below that have effective disaster response mechanisms in place to help families of all faiths in Texas:


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(800) 928-0685

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(800) 664-5646

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(800) 237-1517

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