Advocacy Update | STOP Terrorist Organizations from using Human Shields

Tuesday, Aug 28 2018

STOP Terrorist Organizations from using Human Shields

For too long, Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations have put civilians in harm’s way, violating international laws of armed conflict, and using the very people they vow to protect as human shields. Urge your legislator to cosponsor and support the STOP Using Human Shields Act today.

Act for Women’s Equality Day!

All month long Hadassah is asking you to join us in celebrating the Power of Women Who DO by making your voice heard! In 1971, Congresswoman—and Hadassah Member—Bella Abzug championed the creation of a Women's Equality Day to commemorate the institution of the 19th Amendment on August 26, 1920.  Visit the National Action Center and make your voice heard in support of women’s equality in health and the workplace. 

Your Actions Matter

Congratulations, advocates! Your hard work paid off. Last week, the president signed the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act into law. This bill includes over $500 million in US-Israel defense cooperation, $50 million for counter-tunnel technology, cooperation on precision-guided weapons and more. Your letters and calls help to let our legislators know that we stand for a strong US-Israel relationship that takes the safety and security of Israel’s citizens very seriously.


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Monday, Mar 18 2019

Empowering and Protecting Women: Hadassah Sponsors UN Panel to Showcase Successful Strategies

It has been over 100 years since Hadassah’s founder Henrietta Szold transformed her study group into a movement that empowered American women to improve lives in Israel.


Friday, Mar 8 2019

Taking Proactive Role in Combating Anti-Semitism

With so much news focusing on anti-Semitism in the past few weeks, we wanted to update you on our advocacy team’s day-to-day work, and the proactive role we are taking to combat anti-Semitism and prejudice in America.


Friday, Mar 1 2019

Hadassah Condemns UNHRC Report on IDF Activity in Gaza

On February 28, the United Nations Human Rights Council published a report claiming it had grounds to believe that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) committed war crimes by deliberately shooting at Gazan children during the border demonstrations or “Great March of Return” that began on March 30, 2018.


Tuesday, Feb 12 2019

Hadassah Condemns Anti-Semitic Tweet by Rep. Omar

Please see the below statement that we are sharing with our members, donors and leadership in response to Representative Ilhan Omar's recent tweet.


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