MS Patient Walks into a Bright Future

Thursday, Aug 13 2015

MS patient Linda Jayaram Barish of Houston, TX treated with her own harvested stem cells

Bit by bit, MS patient Linda Jayaram Barish of Houston, TX found it harder to walk and function every day. She moved around her home by holding onto furniture. She never went any distance without her stand up electric scooter.

When Linda and her husband David visited Israel, a Hadassah friend in Houston arranged for them to see Prof. Dmitrios Karussis, Head of Hadassah Medical Organization's Multiple Sclerosis Center and a world authority on stem cell treatment for neurodegenerative diseases. Prof. Karussis ordered an MRI, assessed her condition, and then harvested Linda’s own bone marrow stem cells in a short, 20-minute procedure. He asked the couple to return in two months, by which time the small number of cells would grow in the lab to tens of millions.  Immediately following the procedure, Linda and David knew they had to visit the Kotel. They were overwhelmed by the possibility that the progression of Linda’s MS could be stopped or reversed.

Two months later, Prof. Karussis injected the stem cells directly into her spinal cord—a treatment developed at HMO. Eleven injections and several years later, Linda is walking without a cane and she has given away her scooter.

At this point in time, Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc. (HWZOA)is not aware of any stem cell treatments for MS occurring in the United States. Several North American medical centers also have clinical trials, although HWZOA is not aware of their treatment or use of stem cells.

Hadassah Medical Organization may have room for patients in their clinical trials with MS, provided such patients meet specific criteria such as they have MS with moderate disability and be willing to spend a year in Israel for the treatment. There is no guarantee of being accepted in the clinical trial and the treatment may not be suitable for everyone. Please reach out to Prof. Yoram Weiss, Director of Hadassah’s hospital at Ein Kerem, weiss@hadassah.org.il for further information.


From: Wayne Stillerman on July 7, 2016
I'm a 56 year old man living in West Palm Beach, Fl with SPMS.I was diagnosed in Feb 86' with RRMS. Up until 13 years ago I was using a cane for balance issues. About 8 yrs ago I needed to use a walker and then a scooter. From very early on, my problems were concentrated on the right side of my body starting with numbness and tingling in my right hand. As things progressed I felt more fatigued, had short term memory problems, my right leg became totally contracted and can only be bent with exercise, have neuropathy in both feet and then developed numbness in my left hand. My MRI's have shown numerous plaques on my brain and spine. Over the 30 years, I've followed many reputable websites to keep up with the latest research. I've always felt that a cure would come from the introduction of healthy stem cells and NOT FROM ANY DRUG. Having studied chemistry in school, I understand that artificial drugs synthesized in a lab are chemicals that will only react with a patients own chemical composition and create a plethora of side affects. Drugs are not and will not ever provide a CURE. Having said that, it seems like I've taken almost every MS drug to attempt to arrest the progression of the disease. Over the years I've taken Avonex, Tysabri, Gilenya, Tecfidera and Aubagio. I've researched stem cells for many years and I'm fully aware of the potential risks and possible benefits that could arise from the treatment. I would still love to be considered for procedure. Please email me at stillwayne1@yahoo.com or I can also be reached by telephone at 954-263-5972. Thank you kindly for you consideration! Wayne M Stillerman
From: Vicki on October 1, 2015
I have rrms so far for over 20 years. I do fear that it is getting worse. I can no longer walk without an aid of some kind. I took care of my ill mother for 5 years until she passed away 3 years ago this March. Since I cannot work any longer., I have become a burden to my family i.e my daughter, whom I live with. She works very hard full time and just comes home and goes right to sleep still having dinner. She is not capable of helping me shower or brush my hair, etc. Up until 2 years ago I was able to get up and dance occasionally. I have been living with a 24/7 shaking that feels like an electrical current running through my entire body constantly from head to toe. This shaking causes pain all over my body. I would gladly come to Israel, Hadassah Hospital. If it required me to stay a year, I would be ready. Thank you very much
From: Ruth Michan on September 7, 2015
Hello, Ive been living with MS for 15 years, I have had Interferon,, Gylynia, Tysabri, and now I´m with Ritux,.I want to know if I´m a candidate for this treatment. I´m from Mexico City. I can travel to Hadassa . I wish I could get inolved in this treatment!!! Thanks and H´ bless you!!
From: Judy on August 26, 2015
Hello Prof. Karussis, I too have ms. Can I arrange to have this treatment? I wrote to you from the Hadassah website around August 25 after reading about the stem cell work that helped Linda Barish. I'm American, live in the UK and can travel to Hadassah for the treatment. Thank you! Kind regards, Judy Epstein
From: Carol on August 25, 2015
I have been living with MS for over 20 years. I understand that the trial is not accepting new patients at this time, but would love to get involved. Is that possible? Thank you!
From: JOHN on August 20, 2015
From: n on August 20, 2015
Is this treatment available in the US ( Florida?)
From: Franca on August 20, 2015
I have secondary progressive ms . Could this work for me. I live in NJ, USA. Could someone get back to me. Thanks.
From: Margaret on August 20, 2015
Hi Prof.Karussis, My Daughter has spms and this video is so exciting to watch. Is there a chance that this treatment will become available soon. We are in Australia, but could travel to see you. Kind Regards Margaret Hope
From: Helen on August 16, 2015
Great news
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