World-First Newborn Intestinal Surgery Saves Baby Girl at Hadassah

Friday, Jan 6 2017

Dr. Dan Arbell with newborn baby girl Joy.

A baby girl whose intestines formed outside of her abdomen was saved by a world-first surgical procedure following her birth at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.

The baby’s mother had been urged by medical professionals at another hospital to have an abortion, but, Ahmed, the baby’s father, had heard of a similar case where parents decided not to abort a baby with a congenital defect and instead sought help at Hadassah. “So we decided to go there,” he relates.

Despite this rare congenital defect in the development of the muscles of the baby’s abdominal wall, Hadassah’s surgeons, using an Israeli-designed procedure, were able to eliminate the problem. “There is no reason why she should not have a full and healthy life,” says Senior Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Dan Arbell.

Read the story of the complicated surgery at: http://www.jpost.com/Business-and-Innovation/Health-and-Science/First-of-its-kind-surgery-saves-baby-born-with-intestines-outside-body-477466


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