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Hadassah Chicago-North Shore represents more than 11,000 area women, with 22 different groups all over the Chicagoland area. Echoing our national initiatives, we are committed to innovative, life-changing medical care and research, women's empowerment, education, advocacy, philanthropy and building Jewish identity – in Israel, America and around the world.

From the professional woman who is seeking a connection to the Jewish community, to young singles, to the new mother looking to expand her social circle and make a difference in the world, or the retiree who wants to spend her time on meaningful activities, Hadassah Chicago-North Shore offers something for everyone!

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60 Revere Drive, Suite 800
Northbrook, Illinois 60062
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Joseph & Mae Gray Hadassah House

60 Revere Drive, Suite 800

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Hadassah CNS Power Lunch

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Westin Chicago North Shore
601 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Wheeling, IL 60090

From the bra burning days of the 1960's to the challenges of the world today, Letty Cottin Pogrebin has had a powerful voice in the conversation every step of the way. We've come a long way...yet, where do we go from here? Join Hadassah Chicago-North Shore and Letty Cottin Pogrebin as we discuss our power, our present, and our future. We will also spend the day honoring Past President Gitta Fajerstein at this year's Power Lunch (formerly Book and Author Luncheon).

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Hadassah CNS Power Hour

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Moadon Kol Chadash
2464 N. Clybourn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

Hadassah women have always put their passion for social justice into action.  Letty Cottin Pogrebin has been a powerful and passionate voice across many issues, from the bra burning days of the 1960's to the glass ceilings of today.  She is an American author, journalist, lecturer, and social activist.  Join Hadassah Chicago-North Shore and Letty as we discuss the issues facing women today and how we can effectively turn our passion into action.

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Hadassah Power Hour Flyer

Calendar of Events

Hadassah Chicago-North Shore has exciting events throughout the year.  You can find upcoming events below.

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From our President


The Hebrew word ‘Or’ as a noun means “light” and as a verb, it means to “give light” or “shine.”  There is no better word to describe the women of Hadassah Chicago-North Shore (CNS) and their contributions to our community and Israel.

Our members choose Hadassah because they want to make a difference. They shine by supporting the life-saving medical research, technology and care provided at Hadassah’s hospitals and recognized around the world. New light is cast on immigrant and indigent youth in Israel by our members’ work to bring education, housing and support to those in need. And children here at home are able to engage in the light of their spirits through Camp Young Judaea Midwest and their many programs and opportunities for youth and young adults.

Hadassah women empower others to become leaders and to take action which leads to better lives and healing for those in need. Throughout each year, our leaders come together in programs and training to hone their skills and strengthen their groups and CNS. We are women who Do.

Hadassah is a home for all of us; it’s where we can grow as leaders and become agents of repairing the world. Because of you, we will continue spreading the light of hope and healing, Or.


Luisa Ellenbogen

President, Hadassah Chicago-North Shore

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