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Mitzvah Project with Project Dot!

Helping Project Dot

Please join our chapter in doing our small part to help eradicate this Period Poverty in Southern Nevada.  At each event/meeting held throughout the year, we will have a collection bin for hygienic products such as sanitary pads and/or tampons, pantiliners, feminine hygiene wipes and hand wipes. We will then distribute these items through our local schools for the benefit of homeless and school-age children. Thanking you in advance for your generosity to this important mission.  

We have partnered for distribution with Project Dot for our 2019 Mitzvah Project. Project Dot's mission is to provide feminine hygiene products to the homeless and low income population. We will be meeting with Project Dot to prepare Sanitary Kits for sistribution July 25th 3 - 5 pm. Location TBA.

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