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Important dates for 2018

Desert-Mountain Region 2018 Dates

  •   Friday nights & Saturdays ~ no Hadassah work permitted except Shabbat services and other Shabbat related programs   
  •   January 22 - 24 ~ National Assembly Meeting      Los Angeles, CA
  •   February 23 - 24  ~ Hadassah Shabbat Zachor
  •   February  28 - March 1 ~ Purim, not a yomtov, Hadassah work permitted
  •   March 17 - 19 ~ DMR Symposium & Board Meeting ~Albuquerque, NM
  •   March 30 - April 1 ~ Pesach,  first days, no Hadassah work permitted
  •   April 2 - 5 ~ Interim days of Pesach – work permitted, all food must be Kosher for Passover
  •   April 6 - 7 ~ Pesach, last days, no Hadassah work permitted
  • May 15 - 17 ~ National Women’s Health & Advocacy Conference ~ Washington, DC
  • May 19 - 21 ~ Shavuot, no Hadassah work permitted
  • July  21 - 22 ~ Tish’a B’Av , no Hadassah work permitted
  • August 25 - 27 ~ DMR Board Meeting ~ Denver, CO                    
  • September 9 - 11 ~ Rosh Hashanah, no Hadassah work permitted
  • September 18 - 19 ~ Yom Kippur, no Hadassah work permitted
  • September 23 - 25 ~ Sukkot, no Hadassah work permitted unless a meal/service in a  sukkah  
  •  September 25 - 30 ~ Sukkot Chol ha-Moed (in between days) – work permitted
  •  September 30 – October 2 ~ Shmini Atzeret & Simchat Torah, no Hadassah work permitted
  • December 15 - 17 ~ DMR Annual Conference ~ Phoenix, AZ
  •  December 2 - 10 ~ Chanukah, work permitted

*NOTE: Dalight Savings Time goes into effect Sunday, March 11, 2018 Ends Sunday, November 4, 2018
This will only cause confusion for those living in, calling, or traveling to Arizona!

From our President

Barbara Raben

April 2018 Presidents Message
Dear Hadassah Friends,
I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Passover.  I’m counting the days until we can celebrate the 2018 major milestones We are thrilled to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Israel, Hadassah Medical Organization, Hadassah’s School of Nursing and Hadassah’s Ophthalmology department’s 100th Anniversary.
Join the celebration! Please join us May 15-17 at Hadassah's Health and Advocacy Conference! 

As part of our celebration of our School of Nursing, I would like to share this story with you:
Nursing Students Spark Change in ER Experience for Challenged Patients
A physically, cognitively, and emotionally challenged middle-aged man was brought to the Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem Emergency Room (ER) from the Israel Elwyn residential community, where he has lived for decades. His live-in helper couldn't restrain him as he threw himself on the floor, screaming and writhing. "We had to get him into a bed, find out what was wrong, and treat him," relates ER Head Nurse Pnina Sharon. "Other patients and their families assumed we were abusing him and began shouting at us. Severely challenged patients need a special protocol when coming to the Emergency Room. They can't wait and they often can't say what's hurting them." Nurse Sharon was addressing her audience of over 100 nurses and other medical practitioners at the recent Conference for Accessibility in the Emergency Room for Developmentally and Cognitively Challenged Patients, which was hosted by Hadassah Ein Kerem.
The little-discussed subject was brought to the national agenda by a class of first-year nursing students at the Henrietta Szold Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing. Spending time within Jerusalem communities and evaluating needs as they see them with fresh eyes is a unique part of their curriculum. "We deliberated as to whether placing young students in such an emotional environment as a community of severely challenged adults was too tough for them," said Dr. Miri Rom, Dean of the Nursing School. "We decided that our students were up to it and the results have proven that we were right." The student reports led to this conference, which was encouraged by members of the Knesset who deal with issues of accessibility. The conference yielded a concrete protocol, to be initiated as a pilot project at Hadassah Hospital in three months.
Under the new protocol, every patient who is part of the Elwyn Community of challenged adults will be fast-tracked through the emergency process. The ER nursing team will be informed that an Elwyn patient is on the way to the ER. To head off panic reactions, each patient will come with a “Traffic Light” folder, prepared by the community staff. This will include not only general medical information, but also specific triggers such as sensitivity to loud sounds or light. At least half of the challenged community members are brought to the ER each year, and 70 percent of them need hospitalization. Medical conditions related to aging are often exacerbated by their inability to report early symptoms or their extreme lack of mobility. Every visit can turn into a trauma for patient, staff, and others in the ER. "It's a pilot and we will refine it and make it standard practice for the larger challenged communities," relates Tamar Shoshan, Director of Community Nursing and Student Coordinator. “Results will be reported to the Knesset,” she adds. “If our pilot works, it will probably be adopted by hospitals nationwide and draw international attention." 

We should all be so proud of the work that Hadassah is doing.
Barbara Raben, President, Hadassah Desert-Mountain

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Passion to Action

Hadassah National Conference is May 15-17

Washington, DC

Hadassah's Women's Health & Advocacy Conference May 15th - 17th 2018 -- You Can Reserve Your Hotel Room Now! 2018 is a banner year at Hadassah as we mark four major milestones during a year-long celebration. Throughout the year, there will be chances to turn your passion into action with Hadassah — in both the United States and Israel. Click here for preliminary information about the Health & Advocacy Summit: http://www.hadassah.org/celebration-2018/ To make hotel reservations at the Capital Hilton at the group rate of $339/night plus tax: RESERVE Your Room NOW! https://aws.passkey.com/go/2018NATLBUSINESSMEETING DETAILS >> http://www.hadassah.org/celebration-2018/

Regional Conference: We Got the Power!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

March 17-18th, Albuquerque NM The Power to Learn * The Power to Inform The Power to Inspire * The Power to Advocate. Get involved and make Hadassah the best we can be. Hadassah Conferences are fun and educational. We have subventions available to help defray the costs. Contact your chapter president for more information.

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Mazel Tov to our Desert-Mountain Region Subvention Winners

It is my pleasure to let you all know that three women from our Region will be going on the October Mission to Israel. Thanks to the subvention money that was in our Annual Plan, and half a land package earned through the Missions Department, three women will be going to Israel for the first time. I am sure that the Region, and their Chapters, will reap the rewards of these women being on the trip. I am so excited that I will be on the trip too, and I’m looking forward to taking lots of pictures to post on Facebook, so you can see, and feel a part of, this special Mission. The three women are Alyshia Klein, President of Greater Salt Lake City Chapter, Stephany Yoabov, Hadassah Southern Nevada, and Ellen Burke, Hadassah Desert-Mountain OVP. I am also so pleased to let you know that Terre Foreman, President of HVOS, will be receiving subvention to go to the Health Summit in May, in Washington, DC. I am hoping that Terre will come back from the Summit ready to report on everything she saw and learned. The Chapters were all asked to have money in their Annual Plan to give some subvention to any women going on these trips. I hope the Chapters will now be able to reach out to these women and offer them some subvention. If anyone else in the Region is interested in either trip, please let me know. While the Region has designated its subvention funds, the Chapters may still have money available if anyone would like to go to the Health Summit or to Israel. If you have not registered for the March Meeting in Albuquerque, please do it now! We are planning some great breakout sessions that I hope will give you lots of information to share with your Chapters. See you in Albuquerque! Barbara


  • President

    Barbara Raben

  • Organization Vice-President

    Ellen Burke

  • Area VP/Advisor Denver Greater Salt Lake

    Corinne Forti

  • Area VP/Advisor Montana

    Dafna Michaelson Jenet

  • Area VP/Advisor Greater Albuquerque, Southern Arizona

    Carolynn Katz

  • Area VP/Advisor Southern Nevada, Los Alamos, Santa Fe

    Jan Klatskin

  • Area VP/Advisor HVOS Colorado Springs, Boulder

    Randi Lampert

  • Area VP/Advisor N. Colorado, Wyoming

    Kate Raphael

  • Area VP/Advisor Devorah, Shalom, Tikvah West Valley

    Anita Wenner

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    Judy Neigoff

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    Roni Ogin

  • Treasurer

    Renee Sidman

  • Leadership Council: Immediate Past President/Nominating Chair

    Cathy Olswing

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    Carol Bernstein

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    Joyce Gronich

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    Adele Smith

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