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Region Calendar

Florida Broward Region 2017 Calendar


01 – New Year’s Day (Closed)
02 – New Year’s Day Observed (Closed)
10—Executive Board Meeting
16—Martin Luther King Day (Closed)
22-24—Hadassah National Assembly Winter Mtg (Orlando)


05—Annual Giving Event
20—President’s Day (Closed)
26—Full Region Board Meeing & Portfoliio Training


10-11—Shabbat Zachor
14—Executive Board Meeting
19—Major Gifts Event


10—Erev Passover…First Seder
11—Passover…Day 1…Second Seder (Closed)
12—Passover…Day 2 (Closed)
17 – Passover…Day 7 (Closed)
18 -  Passover…Day 8 (Closed)
23 – Full Region Board Mtg. (Election of Nom. Comm.)


09—Executive Board Meeting
29—Memorial Day (Closed)
18—General Meeting
31-June 1—Shavuot (Closed)


05—Mail Invitations To The “No Show Ball”
13—Calendar Planning Meeing…2018


03—Summer Monday (Closed)
04 – Independence Day…”No Show Ball”
16-19—Hadassah National Assembly/Bus. Mtg.(St. Louis)


08—Executive Board Meeting
27—Full Region Board Meeting…Reading Of Slate


04—Labor Day (Closed)
12 – Executive Board Meeting
20 – Erev Rosh Hashanah
21-22 – Rosh Hashanah (Closed)
29 – Erev Yom Kippur (Closed)
30 – Yom Kippur (Closed)


05-06—Sukkot (Closed)
12 – Shemini Atzeret (Closed)
13 – Simchat Torah (Closed)
22 – Full Region Board Meeting…Acceptance Of Slate


    – Jewish Book Festival Event
23-24—Thanksgiving (Closed)


05—Executive Board Meeting
10 – Installation
12 – 1st Night Of Chanukah (1st Candle)
19 – 8th Night Of Chanukah (Last Candle)
25 – Christmas Day


From our President

Dorrie Kahn

Tu B’Shevat is a festival of planting of trees and eating fruits found in Israel. I was in Israel for this holiday.
This is also a holiday of Diaspora Jews. Jews ate the fruits that grew
in Israel as a way to maintain a connection to Israel at this time of year.

I was with my grandchildren as they planted a tree on a hill in Modi’in.
People all over Israel plant seedlings that grow to bear fruit, provide shade
and prevent erosion. The trees we plant now will sustain people in the
future. We looked over to the next hillside and were told that the trees that there were planted on another Tu B’Shevat about 30 years ago.

I also attended a Tu B’Shevat Seder with my daughter given by Levonah chapter of
Hadassah Israel in Modi’in. The Seder reminded me of the camaraderie of any Hadassah
chapter in the States.

Hadassah women who have built institutions with an eye to the future since our founding over
a century ago. Hadassah Medical Organization, its hospitals on Mount Scopus, Ein Kerem and
the newly built Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower are the fruits of what Hadassah
Women have planted.

We have cultivated these hospitals so they will provide for the medical needs of
Israelis and those who come to our doors. The research that is now being done will save lives
in the future and provide treatments for illnesses that currently have no cure.

As we celebrated Tu B’Shevat, we remembered that we can gather fruit only when we
have planted its seeds, nourished its soil and allowed the plant to grow. Likewise, as we
Hadassah members engage in our work, we serve as role models for future generations of

I wish you all a “Chag Sameach,” Joyous Holiday, for both Purim and Passover.


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