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Mission of Hadassah Florida Central: Service all chapters in our geographical area, from Naples to Tallahassee and Jacksonville to Brevard County. We do this by providing education, advocacy, and leadership opportunities.

3118 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Suite 224
Clearwater, Florida 33759
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P : (727) 799-0618

E : flcentralregion@hadassah.org

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3118 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Suite 224

Clearwater, Florida 33759

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Florida Central Region Slate of Officers 2018


The members of the nominating committee present the following slate of nominees to serve as Florida Central Region of Hadassah's 2018 elected officers: 
President – Lin Pomerantz (Jacksonville)
Organization Vice President – Open
Treasurer – Sharyn Lazare (Orlando)
Recording Secretary – Phyllis Meinsen (Palm Coast)
Communication Vice President – Sharon Cross (Tampa Ameet)
Fund Raising Vice President – Anita Greenberg (Tampa Ameet)
PRAZE Vice President – Jane Strom (Tampa Ameet)Immediate
Past President – Susan Lafer (Tampa Ameet)

Additional nominations may be submitted in writing to the Chair Person of the Nominating Committee at least three weeks prior to the Fall Region Meeting on December 9, 2017.

These names must carry the endorsement of at least one member in good standing of the Region. 

Respectfully submitted by the Nominating Committee,
Sharyn Lazare (Orlando) Chair - 407-402- 2153 (
Sharon Cross (Tampa Ameet)
Lynn Weiner (Collier/Lee)
Phyllis Meinsen (Palm Coast)
Gayle Dorio (Collier/Lee)
Sally Laufer (Lyla Pinellas))
Meredith Bacharach (Gainesville)
Harriet Stein – Alternate (St. Petersburg)
Anita Greenberg – Alternate (Tampa Ameet)

New Video

Dear Members,

Our offices from Israel made this video to wish you a Happy New Year. To see the video go to 

Thank you for your continued support of Hadassah

Susan Lafer 


Florida Central Region of Hadassah

From our President

Susan Lafer


In the words of Elie Wiesel, "It is a given in the Jewish world: if you want a project to come to fruition, if you want an initiative to have a follow-up, you think of Hadassah. Hadassah is more than an organization: it's a family - a family that loves and is loved. It loves to help those in need, the weak, and the ill, in short, those who need help. And it is a family that is loved because it does these things with as much devotion as competence… The women of Hadassah know what they want to do, and they do it well."

Hadassah is:

  • The Power of Women Who Do

  • The Power of Women Who Heal

  • The Power of Women for Israel

Hadassah Florida Central focuses on education. We provide you with all the tools necessary to advocate for Israel and uses facts to stop the BDS movements and anti-Semitic attacks against Israel and Jews, leadership opportunities and training. Our local chapters hold meetings, educational events and programming to help keep them informed about the latest research that is ongoing at Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO), advocacy opportunities and just plain fun, engaging activities. Hadassah, Florida Central does the same for our membership on a larger scale 2 times a year. Attendees come from Naples to Tallahassee to participate and meet their friends from other geographical areas.

Hadassah Florida Central has a Facebook page, please visit it, often for the latest from around the country. If you are not currently a member of our dynamic and far-reaching organization, we hope you will join us.

Susan Lafer

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  • President

    Susan Lafer

  • Organizational Vice President

    Lin Pomerantz

  • Treasurer

    Sharyn Lazare

  • PRAZE Vice President

    Lynn Weiner

  • Membership Vice President

    Jackie Albin

  • Leadership Vice President

    Sharon Cross

  • Fundraising Vice President

    Anita Greenberg

  • Recording Secretary

    Liz Greengold

  • Financial Vice President

    Phyllis Meinsen

  • Area Vice President At Large

    Jane Strom

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