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We live in every Congressional district in the nation. We are mothers and daughters, nurses and doctors, housewives and teachers, activists. An invisible connection binds us to each other, into a community. We share a profound love for the Jewish people, and Israel. We share a commitment to women and believe in women’s strength—and our own. We strive to act on our Jewish values, and make the world just a little better, every day. Above all, we know that each of us can make a difference and that, together, we can transform the world, and change history. We know it because we’ve been doing it for a century, and we won’t stop now. Come along with us, into our second century.

6701 Hoover Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46260
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P : (317) 475.4278

E : indianapolis@hadassah.org

Mailing Address

6701 Hoover Road

Indianapolis, Indiana 46260


Office Update

The Indianapolis Chapter regrets to inform you that we know longer have an Office Administrator and we will be closing our office when our lease expires on 5/31/2016.

During this time, we plan to run the office with volunteers. If you would be interested in volunteering to help work in the office please contact Brenda Freedman at bfreedman@hadassah.org

National Hadassah will also be extending administrative support to our Chapter through a dedicated team of staff located in New York. These women have exceptional skills and will help us continue to be a successful Chapter and service our members.

Next Chapter Newsletter

We are now excepting articles for the upcoming newletter. Email your articles to Indianapolis@hadassah.org

Volunteer at Riley Hospital for Children
Riley-Hadassah 3

Would you like to become a Hadassah Volunteer at Riley Hospital for Children?  We play and read to, prepare crafts for, and participate in holiday activities in December for all our young patients.  For more information and the complete orientation process: which includes (application, detailed health check, and interview); please contact Hadassah Office 317-475-4278. 

Click here for more information about volunteer partnership between Hadassah and Riley Hospital for Children.


Beautiful new cards for all occasions!

We have wonderful new cards that can be ordered for $3 each or 2 for $5. Click here to view the cards.

"Read to Me" at the Children's Museum

Help expand children’s minds by participating in this excellent program where chapter members read books to the children visiting the museum every 2nd Sunday of the month from 1-2 PM.  As a reader you will be able to get into the museum for free! You will need to go through the Children’s Museum training and will be considered a volunteer of the museum.  Please go to www.childrensmuseum.org and fill out the volunteer paperwork.  If you have further questions, please call the office.  317-475-4278.

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  • President

    Brenda Freedman

  • Treasurer

    Lyla Spath

  • Recording Secretary

    Helaine Herman

  • Records Administrator

    Marion Garmel

  • Corresponding Secretary

    Phyllis Kaplan

  • Chapter Advisor

    Shirley Aprison

  • Region Chapter Advisor

    Rita Shapiro

  • Co-Membership Chair

    Paula Barrett

  • Co-Membership Chair

    Sharyn Feuer

  • Newsletter Chair

    Leslie Lybik

  • Program Chair

    Joan Katz

  • Donor Recognition Chair

    Diana Shapiro

  • Keepers Chair

    Helaine Herman

  • Rose Chair

    Freddie Kaseff

  • Discover Books Chair

    Renee Bergstein

  • Trees and Cards Chair

    Ann Hamburger

  • Book Club Chair

    Helaine Herman

  • Zionist Affairs Chair

    Myrna Fang

  • Lunch & Learn Chiar

    Phyllis Russell

  • Riley Hospital Chair

    Beverly Bercovitz

  • JCRC

    Helaine Herman

  • Read to Me Chair

    Carol Steinfeld

Contact Us

40 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005


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