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With over 10,000 members and counting, Hadassah Greater Philadelphia helps strengthen your connection to other Jewish women in your community. We encourage personal growth through our events and volunteer opportunities, while inspiring a passion and commitment to its partnerships with the land and people of Israel.

1518 Walnut St. Suite 402
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
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1518 Walnut St. Suite 402

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102


From our President

"It is a given in the Jewish world:  if you want a project to come to fruition, if you want an initiative to have a follow-up, you think of Hadassah.  Hadassah is more than an organization:  it's a family - a family that loves and is loved.  And it is a family that is loved because it does these things with as much devotion as competence... The women of Hadassah know what they want to do, and they do it well," wrote Elie Wiesel.

Our programs are designed to educate, empower and enjoy.  Let's work together.

For some, it begins with the personal.

For others, it's polticial.

For some, it starts with the past.

For others, it's always about tomorrow.

We all share certain important values in common.  We have been blessed by this shared legacy.

Hadassah is brimming with possibilities, as we stand at the open door to the next century - the possibilities of previously unimaginable medical breakthroughs such as stem cell cures for multiple sclerosis, devices to control epilepsy, and therapies to stop, delay or mitigate Parkinson's disease. We invite you to share the journey.

Please visit our Facebook page, Hadassah Greater Philadelphia.

Joyce Laiter, President

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Hadassah’s First Annual Book and Author Luncheon “The Two-Family House” by Lynda Loigman - March 1st

Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia, 1616 Latimer Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Author Lynda Loigman will be speaking about his newest novel, "The Two House Family," which takes place in Brooklyn, 1947 – In the midst of a blizzard, in a two family brownstone, two babies are born minutes apart. The mothers are sisters-in-law who share an impenetrable bond forged before and during the dramatic winter night. Nominated for 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Historical Fiction “A novel you won’t be able to put down,” Diane Chamberlin, NY Times best selling author. Couvert: $50 member / $60 non-member Seating is limited, so get your reservation in early. Send payment to Hadassah Greater. For more information, contact Executive Director Judy Ron at 215.732.7100 or jron@hadassah.org. March 1st 11am-2pm


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