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The Northern Virginia Chapter has almost 900 members. Within the Chapter are two groups with membership not counted in the greater Chapter: The Potomac Group with around 400 members is based in the northwestern areas of Northern Virginia, such as Reston, Hendon, Leesburg, and Gainsville. The Landy group with around 100 members are located in the Alexandria and Mt Vernon areas. They meet for lunch several times a year. The monthly book club meets for a potluck lunch at members’ homes. For Hadassah members who move to Northern Virginia from other parts of the country, it serves as a conduit for to meet Jewish women and get involved. The group’s coordinator is Susan Rosenbloom, Therose.bloom@gmail.com. The Northern Virginia Chapter of Hadassah offers a variety of programs from co-sponsoring Jewish Advocacy Day with the JCRC to meet with delegates in Richmond, to attending the Jewish Film Festival as a group, sharing holiday food, collaborating on programs with the JCCNV, and programming with a focus on Israel and Jewish identity.

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To find out what's going on in Northern Virginia Hadassah, continue to scroll down and you'll find information on our latest programs and events, Every Step Counts, and other items of interest.  In fact, we have so much going on, you may even have to click to reveal more!  Included with the event listing, you might even find links to venues, to webpages, and to registration forms!

Chai Society
Chai Society Logo

Have you heard about Chai Society, Hadassah’s newest annual giving program?

Members all over the country are choosing where they want their annual donation to go. You can change a life, give a helping hand to the most vulnerable, or support future medical miracles.

Would you consider giving $15 or $30 each month to be part of Hadassah’s Chai Society? Your generosity as an annual giver would ensure that Hadassah can continue to provide life-saving care to the people of Israel.  Especially during times when there is war or terror attacks, maintaining the state-of-the-art trauma care that Hadassah Medical Organization is known for is critically important.  While we pray for peace in Israel, we must do all we can to heal those who are ill or injured.  Your annual support would make that possible.

We hope to welcome you to Chai Society in the near future.

To join Chai Society, go to www.hadassah.org/chaisociety.

Open Your Heart With an Open Heart Necklace
Open Heart Necklace

Open your heart with a $100 donation and receive a beautiful sterling silver open heart pendant and 18” chain.

All Heart Necklace donations support the medical treatment and care at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. Show your support with a minimum donation of $100 and receive one of these beautiful Sterling Silver Heart Necklaces. Get yours before Heart Health Month has passed you by!

To make a donation or for additional information, call 800.928.0685, or fax 212.303.8018, or email donorservices@hadassah.org.

From our President

A New Year starts. For some, it starts with a champagne toast. For Northern Virginia, it starts with a new region.

Last month, we shared the details of the anticipated change in our organizational placement within Hadassah. Now it is done. Hadassah Greater Washington has been most welcoming to our chapter, and we demonstrated our ability to collaborate in educational and advocacy endeavors by hosting a region-wide program on Human Trafficking on January 8th right here in Northern Virginia. At least a third of the attendees crossed the Potomac to participate.

For Hadassah, it started back in 1912 with two nurses. In this month’s message I’m going to tell you about two modern day Hadassah nurses.

Nurse Practitioner Caryn Scheinberg Andrews immigrated to Israel six years ago from Baltimore. As a lecturer in the Hadassah-Hebrew University Henrietta Szold School of Nursing, Dr. Andrews (PhD, RN, CRNP) has taken up the cause of creating a cadre of advanced practice nurses. In the U.S., we are used to seeing Nurse Practitioners (NP) in doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics. But in Israel, they have been slow to adopt this most useful strategy. With a growing physician shortage, in part due to a mandatory retirement age of 67-70 years old, professional nurse practitioners will have a significant role to play in health care delivery, especially in underserved areas of Israel. Dr. Andrews’s research shows better outcomes, less patient utilization, and a more cost-effective bottom line. NPs “reduce unnecessary emergency room visits, 30-day readmission rates, and waiting time for healthcare visits.” An Advanced Practice Nurse earns a post-master’s certificate with six months of part-time didactic education followed by a residen-
cy. You may be aware that Keepers of the Gate can direct their yearly contribution towards Nursing.

The second nurse you should know about is now Dr. Polina Stepensky. She immigrated to Israel from the former Sovi-
et Union and fulfilled her life’s dream of becoming a physician, funding her medical education by working as a nurse.  Here’s how it happened. When Dr. Stepensky arrived in Israel with three years of medical school training in the Ukraine, she realized that the competition for medical school entrance in Israel was too stiff for her. With no English and limited Hebrew, she was advised to enroll in nursing school. By the time she graduated as a registered nurse, she
had upgraded her Hebrew, taught herself English and scored so high on the psychometric exam, Israel’s MCAT equivalent, that she was offered a place at the Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Medicine. Dr. Stepensky specialized in bone marrow transplant and hemo-oncology. She is now conducting bench to bedside research in genetic diseases and welcomes pediatric patients from Russia who come to Israel for the best care. There’s so much more to say about Dr. Stepensky, but you can read more in the June 2016 issue of Hadassah Magazine.

When I need a “push start” for my Hadassah tasks, I think of these two nurses who undertook their education, no matter the difficulty, looking to push the boundaries of medicine in Israel. They heal, teach, and comfort every day. I can educate myself. I can help educate my Hadassah friends. Together we can improve the world each and every day.

I hope to see you at some of the events described below. Remember, if it all started with two, we can keep it going!

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and productive 2017!

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