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Chai Society
Chai Society Logo

Have you heard about Chai Society, Hadassah’s newest annual giving program?

Members all over the country are choosing where they want their annual donation to go. You can change a life, give a helping hand to the most vulnerable, or support future medical miracles.

Would you consider giving $15 or $30 each month to be part of Hadassah’s Chai Society? Your generosity as an annual giver would ensure that Hadassah can continue to provide life-saving care to the people of Israel.  Especially during times when there is war or terror attacks, maintaining the state-of-the-art trauma care that Hadassah Medical Organization is known for is critically important.  While we pray for peace in Israel, we must do all we can to heal those who are ill or injured.  Your annual support would make that possible.

We hope to welcome you to Chai Society in the near future.

To join Chai Society, go to www.hadassah.org/chaisociety.

Open Your Heart With an Open Heart Necklace
Open Heart Necklace

Open your heart with a $100 donation and receive a beautiful sterling silver open heart pendant and 18” chain.

All Heart Necklace donations support the medical treatment and care at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. Show your support with a minimum donation of $100 and receive one of these beautiful Sterling Silver Heart Necklaces. Get yours before Heart Health Month has passed you by!

To make a donation or for additional information, call 800.928.0685, or fax 212.303.8018, or email donorservices@hadassah.org.

From our President

We are almost at the end of 2016 and what a year it has been. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season celebrating the New Year And Sukkot and that next year will be a sweet and healthy one for you and your families.

This November is a busy month with Election Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.  It is also Diabetes Awareness Month. There are over 285 million cases of Diabetes worldwide.  Hadassah Physicians and Professors have been involved with diabetes research for over 30 years. Through its own research and collaboration with other institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Hebrew University and Brigham Young University, it has advanced our knowledge of Diabetes and has led to the development of a number of treatment options.

The research of Dr. Miriam Kidron and her team has led to a breakthrough in Diabetes care, an oral insulin pill for use with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Hadasit, Hadassah’s arm to commercialize its medical breakthroughs has partnered with Oramed, an Israeli pharmaceutical company to conduct clinical trials and bring this product to market. It is currently in the Oramed pipeline.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), which is an accumulation of excess fat in the liver of people who drink little or no alcohol, is frequently an outgrowth of diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity. Through research led by Prof. Rifaat Safadi at Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO), a potential treatment has been developed with clinical trials underway in 25 medical centers in the US and Australia. 

Obesity and Diabetes have a definitive connection. The disease is forecast to reach 485 million cases by the year 2030, according to the International Diabetes Federation. A prevalent treatment for obesity is gastric bypass surgery. This surgical procedure has proven to put 80% of Type 2 Diabetes cases into remission. However, traditional gastric bypass surgery is not without risk. Through research conducted by Prof. Yoav Mintz, Director of HMO’s Center for Innovative Surgery, a non-invasive, non-surgical Gastric bypass procedure using an endoscope to place magnets in the stomach and small intestine to facilitate the body’s own healing.

And most recently, Hadassah co-developed SenseGo, a smart sock connected to a smart phone app to monitor diabetic patients and help prevent wounds that may lead to diabetic amputations.

Through this groundbreaking research, many families around the world have a lot to be thankful for. We are thankful and proud to support these life-saving efforts and for the individual who work so tirelessly to find treatments to one of the fastest growing diseases globally.

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Book Club

Daytime Book Club

November 1, 2016

Home of Janine Rubens 12806 Dogwood Hills Lane Fairfax, Va.  22033

The author, Leslie Rubley, will lead a discussion of her book, "Beyond the Silk Mills." This will be a luncheon meeting (lunch provided by our hostess) beginning at 12:45 pm. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.


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