Welcome to Seattle Hadassah! Whether you’re an existing member and new to the Seattle area, a brand-new member, or thinking about joining, we invite you to explore all that Seattle Hadassah has to offer. We are "The Power of Women Who Do"!

Seattle, Washington
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P : 425-467-9099

E : seattle@hadassah.org

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Seattle Hadassah

Seattle, Washington


Welcome to Seattle Hadassah!


We are diverse, fun, and welcoming! Seattle Hadassah has a wide range of activities for many interests and backgrounds. While we’re having fun, learning, and advancing health, we’re also connecting with other Jewish women, creating change through advocacy, and providing vital support for Hadassah Hospital’s #1 priority: Research in Service to Humanity. 


Please contact us at seattle@hadassah.org or 425-467-9099 to be connected with our membership team. Give us the opportunity to extend a special Seattle Hadassah welcome! 


Hadassah: the Power of Women who DO!


We encourage you to send in tributes honoring and remembering our treasured members. When a new baby is born, for B’Nai Mitzvot, birthdays, and beloved memories, Hadassah has designed beautiful selections for you to utilize. Ordering Tributes is easy! You can:

- Call the Donor Services Hotline: 1-800-928-0685
- Email: donorservices@hadassah.org

- Use the convenient link:

Tributes Link

You can also use the DONATE button near the top right of this page and then select "Other Ways to Give/Designate Your Gift."

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Seattle Hadassah
140 Lakeside Avenue, Suite A, #36
Seattle, Washington 98122-6538

From our President

Susan Adler

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Redmond Ridge Book Group 2018

Redmond Ridge Book Club

February 26, 2018 - May 26, 2018

Are you a reader? Like to discuss books? Are Redmond Ridge members interested in revitalizing the book club? Marjorie Gorolinko is willing to take the lead if there is interest.



  • President

    Susan Adler

  • Advisor to the Board

    Jacquie Bayley

  • Chair of the American Affairs and Domestic Policy Committee

    Kindra Cooper

  • VP, Corresponding Secretary

    Beryl Cohen

  • Special Programs

    Ruti Cohenca

  • VP, Leadership

    Cindy Garbell

  • Recording Secretary

    Rochelle Kochin

  • VP, Membership

    Gillian Witus

  • Director, Information Technology

    Ricki Lee Gafter

  • Treasurer

    Liat Niv

  • VP for Membership Outreach

    Ettie Davis

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(800) 928-0685

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(800) 664-5646

Missions Department


(800) 237-1517

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40 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005


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