Welcome to Charleston! Whatever the reason you are interested in our wonderful community, know that you’ve made a superb choice. The Jewish Community has been a major Charleston asset for more than 250 years. Hadassah is proud to be part of the Charleston community, and is extremely proud to have so much local support. Our Chapter was founded in 1921, just nine years after Hadassah was officially founded. Our geographic reach is the South Carolina Tri-County area encompassing Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties. As one of the country’s earliest and busiest port cities, Charleston has a long and strong history within the Jewish Community. With Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Chabad congregations, we are extremely proud of the diversity of our Hadassah members. As of 2015, our chapter currently has more than 500 members and more than 70 Associates.

Charleston, South Carolina
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Ilene Turbow Honored
Ilene Turbow Honored

Co-President Ilene Turbow was honored at the Charleston Jewish Woman Who Makes a Difference in March.

Pictured, from L to R: Eileen Chepenik, former Chapter President made the presentation to Ilene Turbow.

Upcoming Events!

Save the Date – Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 7pm – A Woman Who Makes a Difference

The daffodils are set to bloom in the spring, right in time for our annual Community-Wide Yom Hashoah Remembrance Commemoration: Sunday​, April 23, 2017 (time and place TBD).

Join Hadassah’s Chai Society!
Charleston Chai Society

SAVE LIVES. $15 a month. 12 months a year.

When you are a member of Chai Society, Hadassah can count on you, month after month, year after year. It is your commitment that makes the difference.

We make it easy. We will automatically charge your monthly gift of $15 to your credit card, or double your impact with $30 a month at the Silver Chai level. If you prefer, you can make one annual payment of $180 to $360. These contributions enable you to help save a life, to be part of something big, something vital.

For more information, contact Sharon Hox at 843-259-1710 or SharonHox@aol.com

Funds for Breastpump Campaign

In Search Of …  Final Funds for Breastpump Campaign

The Charleston Chapter set a goal to raise funds to buy a medical grade breastpump for the Women’s & Children’s Wing of Hadassah Hospital.  We’ve still got some way to go to meet our goal.  Please help.  Your tax deductible donation can save lives.  Please go online at www.Hadassah.org or send a check to Ruth Oser, Chatper Treasurer, 4 Hobonny Lane, Charleston 29407.


The Charleston chapter generally holds program meetings bi-monthly from September through June, open meetings more often than that, and special events and activities sprinkled across the year. 

Study Group
Women's Study Group

Programs are constructed to meet the needs and interests of different segments of our Hadassah community.  A women’s study group called “Women-to-Women” meets monthly, and is going into its twelfth year. This program invariably stimulates thought among the group members and has proven to be a great way to introduce new and prospective members to our Chapter.

From our President

From Gail Snow & Ilene Turbow – Co-Presidents  


This will be the last Co-Presidents column from us.  Actually, it will be the last President’s Column, although not the end of Byte-Size.


This year we carefully analyzed membership participation in programs and events, and it wasn’t the happiest session.  Attendance at everything was DOWN!  A fabulous Skin Cancer program with outstanding speakers drew an embarrassingly small audience.  Our biggest success was probably Game Day – which we will repeat.


Given the fact that everyone who has served as President in the last decade has declined to serve as President again, and nobody has risen from the membership to express particular interest in a leadership role, we have made a responsible and supportive decision to keep the energy moving.


We will NOT have a formal Executive Board for 2017.  Our current Leadership Team, augmented by anyone who is interested, will serve as our AD HOC LEADERSHIP TEAM for 2017.  Consider us an Adhocracy, or as Wikipedia puts it Adhocracy is characterized by an adaptive, creative and flexible integrative behavior based on non-permanence and spontaneity. It is believed that these characteristics allow adhocracy to respond faster than traditional bureaucratic organizations while being more open to new ideas.”


This approach has been approved by Hadassah’s Southeastern Region Board, recognizing the difficulty many chapters have in finding willing Presidents and other officers.  We will continue to offer programs and bring news of Hadassah to you.  We will continue to do fundraising.  Watch for our December mailing – and please take action.


Bonnie Weinberg has agreed to continue to fill the role of Treasurer; Bonnie Silverberg will continue as Membership VP plus JNF liaison for trees, certificates, etc.; and we (Gail and Ilene) plus Sharon Hox, Sandi Archambault, Dorothy Weiner, and Marilyn Gordon will continue to be available to all of you to answer questions, etc.  Sharon will continue to be our Fundraising liaison for Keepers of the Gate, Chai Society, etc. and will also continue to write Byte-Size.  Bobbi Cohn will keep Chairing our Hadassah Cards program. 


Bottom line – we want to continue to be a viable organization within Hadassah and within the Charleston Jewish Community.  Established as a Chapter in 1921, we have dedicated 95 years to supporting Hadassah, and this is not going to be the end of the road.  PLEASE – help us thrive.  Come to our programs.  Let us know what programs you would attend.  Let us know how we can revive the spirit of 95 years of strong Charleston Jewish women.  Reply to this email or contact Sharon Hox at 843-259-1710 or SHARONHOX@aol.com.




Gail Snow & Ilene Turbow

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