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Hadassah Greater Atlanta (HGA), the metro Atlanta chapter of Hadassah, has existed for 100 years! Founded in 1916, the Hadassah Greater Atlanta chapter is comprised of 3,617 members and associates (98% are life members) who come together to raise funds in support of Hadassah’s projects in Israel and the United States; to promote issues of women’s health and family well-being; to study; to educate; and to have fun. Our members are actively involved in groups, which are organized primarily around location, age, day or evening meeting preference, and profession (health professionals). At the Chapter level, however, we sponsor a number of community-wide projects, programs, and study groups designed to enrich your body, your mind, your heart and your soul. For more information on our programs, please see below in the announcements section.

1050 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 500
Atlanta, Georgia 30338
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P : 678-443-2961

E : atlanta@hadassah.org

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1050 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 500

Atlanta, Georgia 30338


Best Strokes Big Reveal
Best Strokes Logo


Get your tickets early for The Big Reveal at www.beststrokesatlanta.org. This event sells out every year. Join artists, survivors and the Atlanta community for an evening of storytelling, art, and fund raising for breast and ovarian cancers.​​

The Big Reveal

Sunday, March 10, 2019

6:00 – 10:00pm

The Foundry at Puritan Mill

916 Joseph E Lowery Blvd

Atlanta, Georgia 30318


This year's Big Reveal with have an incredible ART WALK where you can meet local artists and buy amazing original art, limited edition prints, collectibles, and more. Don't miss it!

At Best Strokes, Hadassah Greater Atlanta will be honoring the stories and courageous battles of all of our models, as well as two amazing women with unwavering passion for educating and empowering women, improving their community, and inspiring women to reach their full potential.

  • ·       Honoree: Cynthia Good, entrepreneur, women’s activist, journalist, author and creator of LittlePinkBook.com, a digital and events resource for women leaders and those aspiring to live a rich and full life
  • ·       Honorary Chair: Martha Jo Katz, Georgian, international fashion model, entrepreneur, event consultant, artist & author.

For details, to purchase tickets or to make a contribution online, go to
www.beststrokesatlanta.org. You may also call the Hadassah Greater Atlanta office at 678.443.2961

Almost Chopped New Logo

On Sunday, September 22, 2019 Hadassah Greater Atlanta is hosting



Wanted:  3 Teams of CHEF-TESTANTS*

 The event is taking place Sunday, September 22, 2019 2pm-5pm at Spring Hall

*A Chef-testant is a non-professional, home cook. Each team will consist of a Chef-testant and a sous chef (also, a non-professional home cook). Each team will have a helper that we can provide.

The teams will compete in 2 rounds of cooking: an appetizer and a main dish.  Each round is 30 minutes. The challenge is for our Chef-testants* to take the baskets filled with mystery ingredients (along with the tools and pantry items provided) to create something that will WOW our celebrity judges. Teams will be judged by creativity, plating, taste, and use of ingredients.

We are raising funds for the awareness, research and treatment of ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis at Hadassah Medical Organization.

The teams will be responsible for raising additional funds for these neurological diseases, by appealing to their family, friends and associates. They will have the help of a Hadassah Greater Atlanta member.

ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE?  If you or someone you know would like to be considered for participation, please contact: Barbara Lang bphlang@gmail.com or Marni Hoffman mrh869@msn.com.

HGA Study Group - Jews of the World
HGA Study Group

Since beginning in April 2014, Hadassah Greater Atlanta’s Study Group. has completed a study of Jews in most of the Muslim countries; and have moved on to study the Jews of the World.

We meet on the fourth Friday of the month (or sometimes the third or fifth), from 10:30 AM-12:00 noon in group members’ homes, when possible. Our discussions are led by one of our members and are thought-provoking and very lively. We also have great snacks and schmoozing!

Upcoming meeting dates with topics and discussion leaders:

February 22 – Switzerland; Katie Kloder

March 22 – Austria; Anne Grabois-Davis

May 3 – Rhodesia; Sybil Ginsburg

May 31 – Country and presenter TBA

New participants are always welcome. If you are interested in attending, please email Sybil Ginsburg, Chair, at sginsbu@emory.edu.  Let us know if you have interest in the history of the Jewish people in a particular country.

Earn money for Hadassah while you shop!
Kroger Logo

Hadassah Greater Atlanta is now participating in the KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM

 Every time you make a purchase at KROGER and the cashier SWIPES your KROGER card, HADASSAH gets a percentage of your purchase no matter how small. And it works at the Kroger Gas Pumps too!

If you already have a Kroger Plus Card, you can sign up immediately with our special Hadassah Greater Atlanta organization number 50250. 

If you do NOT have a Kroger Plus card, it is so VERY EASY to get one just by stopping in a local Kroger store and asking for one at the CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK.

Then follow the easy instructions included on our flyer and register your card on line.

Please share HGA’s Kroger Community Rewards organization number 50250 with friends, family and neighbors. If you have questions or problems registering,  please contact Marci Abrams-Feinstein, Fundraising VP for Hadassah Greater Atlanta at 770-218-8094 or Rphsings61@att.net

Looking for the perfect gift to express your love or best wishes?
Assorted Chocolates

"What better way to gift family, friends and business associates than with chocolates!"  Chef Brulée’s delicious artisan chocolates are works of art that look as beautiful as they taste. Behind every work of art is an artist. The artist of Chef Brulée Chocolates and Gâteaux is talented chocolatier Natalya Shapiro. And every box of chocolates is a work of art, a sensual combination of taste and beauty.

Chocolatier Natalya will donate 10% to support the great work of Hadassah in Israel and in the U.S. for all in-store purchases and on-line orders of chocolate candies, truffles and cakes. Remember to use the promotion code “Hadassah” if ordering online and mention Hadassah when purchasing in-store.

For more information about this Hadassah fundraiser, please contact: Veronika Barash at barashveronika@gmail.com, 678-230-4235 or Lee Tanenbaum at LRTanny@gmail.com, 678-310-0873 OR check out our flyer.

Greater Atlanta Hadassah Programs

Check It Out!® - Through this program, Greater Atlanta Hadassah, in partnership with Northside Hospital, has educated thousands of high school girls in Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fulton and Cobb counties about the importance of breast self examination and the early detection of breast cancer. Check It Out!® is funded through a grant from It’s The Journey, Inc. sponsor of the Atlanta2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer.

Chesed- This annual awards program honors one outstanding teen-age student from each Atlanta-area Jewish day and synagogue school. Student nominees are selected by their school based on the following criteria: their love for Israel; concern for fellow Jews and Jewish culture and heritage; concern for fellow human beings in manner and deed (menschlichkeit); and acceptable academic standing.

Date with the State – This is an annual event when we meet with Georgia Legislators to voice, as Hadassah members, our opinions on state issues that affect us as women and as Jews in America. At times, we have joined with the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta's Peach Politics event. In addition, we meet in Washington, DC, with Hadassah members from across the country to speak out on behalf of issues such as reproductive freedom, separation of church and state, domestic violence prevention, embryonic stem cell research and more.

Eduscope – This program functions to inform Hadassah members about the Hadassah College of Technology (HCT) and Youth Aliyah. Speakers describe these unique programs and share the success stories of the difference Hadassah has made in the lives of young adults and children.

Genetics – Greater Atlanta Hadassah works with National Hadassah’s Department of Public Policy to help lead Jewish communal advocacy efforts for passage of federal legislation to prevent genetics-based insurance discrimination. We also help to inform the Jewish community about genetic testing.

Mitzvah Day – Join annually with Greater Atlanta Hadassah members to celebrate Hanukkah while performing a mitzvah (good deed). We visit several assisted living facilities around metro Atlanta and light candles, sing songs and share memories.

Training Wheels – This Jewish education program brings our preschool children together with their families to learn how to celebrate Shabbat and the Jewish holidays. Sessions are held throughout the year at various local community facilities.

Young Judea – Young Judaea is Hadassah’s Zionist youth movement. Greater Atlanta Hadassah helps to sponsor several active Atlanta clubs and Israel programs. We encourage in our Jewish American youth, ages 8-21, a love of Israel, Zionism and their heritage.

Hadassah Greater Atlanta In The News

What Israel Means to Me: Rachel Schonberger, Atlanta Jewish Times, April 12, 2018
What Israel Mean to Me: Wendy Kalman, Atlanta Jewish Times, April 12, 2018
Panel Sees Personalized Promise Against Cancer, Atlanta Jewish Times, April 4, 2018
Almost Chopped! to benefit patients with neurological disorders, NeighborNewsOnline.com, Dec 29, 2017.
Check out the listing of recent Hadassah Greater Atlanta press stories

From our President


I am incredibly excited to begin my role as Chapter President of Hadassah Greater Atlanta. I have worn many hats in our organization on both the chapter and group levels. I’ve worked with and met the nicest women at every juncture. I’ve had leaders mentor, teach and encourage me every step of the way. And it all started with an invitation to book club. I’ll tell you the story another time.

Entering into 2019 and my position as Chapter President, I have two goals: (1) to continue the efforts of our past presidents and (2) to create new outroads for the Chapter. In order to do this, we must “press the refresh button” – look at what we have been doing and how we’ve been doing it, evaluate the return on our efforts, and update what we can with a fresh set of eyes. It’s a natural evolution. This is how we remain relevant in our community and, dare I say, grow.

In order to accomplish this, our Chapter Board will focus on community outreach; promoting leadership within our organization; membership, creating new avenues to attract members and keep established membership excited and appreciated; and, finally, divulging the best kept secret in Atlanta: Hadassah.  

Community outeach: Our Past President Sheila Dalmat has set us on a path to expanding our networking throughout the community. We will continue on this path and form mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations. This is a way to give Hadassah the exposure we need both within and outside our own numbers and also to raise more money.

Leadership: As the age demographic within our Chapter widens, we need to create new leaders. The many current leaders we have must step up and take the responsibility of reaching out to include and educate our members. Every member must know that she makes a difference and is able to take on leadership positions – and that we have strong leaders to guide her along the way.

Membership: Our focus is two-fold – recruitment and maintenance of interested, excited members. Every member is a needed thread in the tapestry of Hadassah. Programming should be as diverse as our membership. We can learn a lot from each other, while building new friendships.

Divulging the best kept secret in Atlanta: No, I don’t mean where the Housewives of Atlanta go for dinner! I mean getting our name out there. We know what we do, how far-reaching our charitable acts are. We know our diversity in serving a diverse population all over the world with a diverse team of doctors and staff. We know that our research is the best in the world, that we share our knowledge around the globe, that we are a “bridge to peace,” that we advocate right here in the US for people to be able to live their best possible lives. Now let’s pass that on, not only in the Jewish community but to everyone.

Yes, you might think I have quite ambitious goals; but I am certain everything I have mentioned Is do-able. Each goal is do-able because I work with the most amazing women – the women of Atlanta Hadassah, who know the specialness of our organization. It is all do-able because of the leaders who came before me, forming the beams of our infrastructure. It is do-able because We Are the Women Who Do…with passion and an energy that cannot be surpassed.

And if we haven’t met yet, introduce yourself – but be prepared, because I am a hugger!


Michele Weiner-Merbaum

President, Hadassah Greater Atlanta

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Hadassah Associates Logo 2015


The Hadassah Associates are men, who in partnership with Hadassah women, help raise funds to support Hadassah. They first were organized in 1966 and now are 26,000 strong nationally. The 130+ Greater Atlanta Hadassah Associates do not have a formalized group, but hold periodic special events and are also actively involved within the various groups. For more information, please contact the GAH Office at 678-443-2961 or


Atlanta Womens Group Logo

Atlanta Young Women

We occasionally have programs that are specifically geared towards our younger members (under 45 years old). To learn more about these programs, please like our Hadassah Atlanta Young Women’s Facebook page. If you would like to plan a program or event for Hadassah Atlanta’s Young Women, please contact Renée Rosenheck at reneedrose@gmail.com.


Etz Aviv Logo

Etz Aviv

Etz Aviv is a group comprised of women of all ages, who enjoy fantastic friendship and fun. The group draws from the North as well as from East and West Cobb areas. These include Marietta, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Acworth, and Canton. For information on Etz Aviv membership, contact Naomi Binenfeld at rbinenfeld@fuse.net or Judy Epstein at heyjude825@gmail.com.


Health Professionals Logo

Health Professionals

The Health Professionals group of Hadassah Greater Atlanta includes members of all ages from all over the metro Atlanta area. Our members are not only health care professionals and wellness practitioners but all women who have a strong commitment to health and social action initiatives. Our meetings center around health care topics, activism, and proactive change, accompanied by food and upbeat community. We meet in various venues around the Atlanta area. For more information, please contact Ellen Sichel at ellen@customcalm.com.



  • President

    Michele Weiner-Merbaum

  • Treasurer

    Judy Bart

  • Recording Secretary

    Marci Abrams-Feinstein

  • Leadership Development VP

    Cheryl Gordon

  • Leadership Development VP

    Marni Hoffman

  • Education VP

    Annie Loventhal

  • Communications VP

    Diane Fisher

  • Chesed Student Awards Chair

    Eileen Cohn

  • Check It Out Chair

    Ellen Banov

  • Study Group, Chair

    Sybil Ginsburg

  • Public Relations Chair

    Joan Solomon

  • eNewsletter Editor

    Addie Schneider

  • Advisor

    Linda Hakerem

  • Advisor

    Sheila Dalmat

  • Advisor

    Ruthanne Warnick

  • Advisor

    Phyllis Cohen

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