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Chartered in November 1996, the Hilton Head chapter encompasses most of Beaufort Co., South Carolina and includes members from Bluffton, and Beaufort, as well as Hilton Head Island. We are a very active group, with 320 members (98% are Life Members) and growing constantly. Many families and retirees move to our lovely Low Country area from cold weather climates, and often our new members bring with them years of experience with other chapters. As a result, we have a large pool of new ideas to draw from and members with energy and dedication to carry them out. However, we also welcome members who have had no previous relationship with Hadassah, and make every effort to integrate them into the life of our chapter.

Hilton Head, South Carolina 29926
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Hilton Head, South Carolina 29926


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OCTOBER 23, 2016




There are many new and exciting events coming your way in 2016. Please keep reading the newsletter to find out what’s happening in the Hilton Head Chapter.

Hadassah Cards and Certificates

Certificates are a wonderful way to make a donation to Hadassah and celebrate a mitzvah or honor a memory. Whether you want to donate from $5.00 to $50.00 or more, one of the many beautiful certificates available is a meaningful way to express your wishes and make a gift to Hadassah at the same time.


Your gift can be directed to HMO, Youth Aliyah, Stem Cell Research or other research projects should you desire. I will customize your certificate with anything you would like to say.

Please contact me, Paula Rudman @ pgrudman@yahoo.com or 843-715-9529

I will help you select a certificate, customize it, and mail it for you.

From our President

Judith Schatz

This has been quite a week. I hope everyone fared well during the hurricane. Patience will help you get through the cleanup and resuming your lives. So many people showed kindness to others during this awful storm. It was a wonderful thing to see the best of humanity. A big thank you goes out to all the men and women who left their families to help keep us safe.


Our Board member and friend, Susan Safranek, lost her battle with cancer. She passed away during the hurricane, with her loving husband by her side. I hope she is finally at peace. She will missed by many, many people.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Hadassah has sent out a lot of information about this. Please go to www.MyHadassah.org for more information. If you have not had your mammogram yet, please schedule it. Friends and relatives, please make sure your loved ones have taken care of themselves. Sometimes it is all that’s needed to motivate someone to do what is best to keep them healthy.


Our Walk-A-Thon is coming up on Sunday, October 23 at Coligny. Bring your friends, family and even doggies to a great event. All the money raised will go to Melanoma research. Please join us for the fun, and know your donation will help the medical community continue their research to eliminate Melanoma in the future.


I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. We are now in a New Year, and hopefully atoned for the wrongs we did in the past. I plan to make changes during this year. Some are things I should have done years ago, others are more recent. We all need to do what is best for ourselves and our families. Think about what makes you happy, sad, and things you really don’t care about anymore. Change the things you can, and try to make your life and the lives around you a little bit better. Hadassah is always changing, improving and making a difference in the world. It’s a good example to follow, and will help you get through the trying times we all have.




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