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Hadassah Southern New England geographically covers the area from Cape Cod to Springfield, from Sudbury to Plymouth, Massachusetts (and everything in between!), and all of Rhode Island. Within our 17 chapters, we have Rosh Hodesh (new moon) study groups, book clubs, and other educational programming, covering topics about Israel, women’s health care and empowerment, legislative and political issues, and almost any topic you might be able to imagine. Our members also have fun while creating valued friendships through connections with other Hadassah women. You’ll find fashion shows, Mah Jongg tournaments, cooking demonstrations, paint nights, and shopping boutiques. We know that even as we learn, grow, collaborate, and socialize, that Hadassah’s mission requires funding. Therefore, all of our chapters focus on raising the necessary funds to keep Hadassah - The Women’s Zionist Organization of America robust and proud, as we further our mission in our second century. We work conscientiously for social change because of our commitment to Tikkun Olam – the Jewish imperative to repair the world, to leave this planet a little better than when we found it. When was the last time an organization offered you the chance to heal some of the world’s ills, and in the process, be part of a community of women to make your own life more meaningful? This is today’s Hadassah.

1320 Centre Street, Suite 205
Newton Center, Massachusetts 02459
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1320 Centre Street, Suite 205

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From our President


Shalom Hadassah women and associates,

We are honored to be accepting this role as co-presidents of Hadassah Southern New England. We decided to do this together because we really enjoy each other and work well together, and because our strong leadership skills are comparable and our goals for Hadassah are the same. We both want to strengthen our region, help our chapters re-group, and identify and train strong leaders for the future, so that we can successfully carry Hadassah into the next century.

Throughout our presidency, we plan to keep the lines of communication open, visit as many chapters as possible and support you however we can. As seasoned leaders, we are prepared to assist you in your events and day-to-day Hadassah business. We want you to take advantage of us! As a reminder, this newsletter, along with our Facebook page and Hadassah calendar, is an opportunity for you to inform our members what's happening in your chapter. Sharing programs and ideas is an integral part of our Hadassah lives. We know we can count on you for support. We can guide you and lead you but we need you to be at our side to achieve success. We need leadership, ideas, and doers. After all, Hadassah women are women who do!

This year, in accordance with National Hadassah's priorities, we will be focusing on the following:

  • Hadassah Medical Organization
  • Research Domestic Advocacy
  • Zionism and Israel

National is providing regions and chapters with programs, detailed information, speaking points and programs in a box to assist in carrying out these priorities for 2017. Membership and fundraising goals are important to meet and exceed. Getting the word out to our 300,000 members (over 7,000 just in Southern New England) is essential to the success of Hadassah's mission and message.

Hadassah has named each month of the year for one of the terrible diseases we are all hoping for a cure and we will plan events to highlight the work Hadassah is doing in each area. It is also important to show our love for Israel our homeland, by contributing to its well-being through Hadassah.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Susan Shikora, for her dedication and commitment as SNER region president for the last 3 years. She has been incredibly supportive of us and we will continue to turn to her for advice as we become familiar with our new roles. Congratulations, Susan, on your new position on the National Grassroots Fundraising Team. Thank you to Kathy Hershfield, Roz Kraiterman, Susan Shikora and Judy Waxman for planning such a lovely installation for us. What a great way to start off our presidency! Thank you to all the past region presidents who have stepped up to mentor our incoming vice presidents: Elissa Grebber, Kathy Hershfield, Judy Shefshick Karll, Benita Ross and Susan Shikora. Last but not least, thank you to our amazing incoming board.

We are so impressed with you and are so excited about all we are about to achieve together. Take a look at our new vice presidents and treasurer who are featured on the recap section of this newsletter.
As your new region presidents, we look forward to kvelling as you all shine brightly and glow from the success of our hard work.

With warm Hadassah wishes,
Joan Astor and Paula London, Co-presidents, Southern New England Region of Hadassah
jastor@hadassah.org plondon@hadassah.org

*Do not hesitate to email us with questions or ideas. Also, please send all Hadassah news to share to Dina Waxman, HNE marketing and communication manager at dwaxman@hadassah.org.

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