The first Hadassah activity in Charlotte began in 1925 when Miss Dorothy Hirsch organized a teen-aged group known as the “Hadassah Buds”. This group functioned for two years as an outlet for young women interested in contributing to the Palestine Infant Welfare Fund. In 1934, the Buds, now adults, blossomed into a fully chartered chapter. According to Minnie Sutker, a charter member, “On October 3, 1934, fifteen women met in a private dining room at a cafeteria on West Trade Street, borrowed money from each other to pay their dues, signed the Charter, and thus the Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah, with Rhea White as President, was officially organized. It was a momentous occasion, and if you were there, you will always remember that day.” The Charlotte Chapter has functioned fully and proudly since that time and how we have grown! Charlotte now boasts 1,094 members, including over 959 life members. Over 70 men lend their support as Hadassah Associates. Education programs command a significant portion of the calendar. The chapter offers study groups throughout the year, called Lunch & Learn along with other meetings designed to educate and inform our members on issues and topics which affect them as American Jewish women. Another favorite and well attended program is Health Night, an informative, educational night with guest physicians that is open to the entire community. For more information about "membership" please email Amy Rosewater at amyrosewater@gmail.com.

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The Charlotte Jewish Community Directory will be available at no charge to our community while supplies last. 

Please pick up your copy today at the front desk of the Levine Jewish Community Center. 

Many thanks to our Advertisers, Patrons, and Novant, for sponsoring this years directory.

It's Time to Celebrate the Tatas 2017
Celebrate the Ta Tas Big Reveal

Please visit our Celebrate the TaTas 2017 website to discover the amazing events planned to raise funds to eradicate breast cancer. Click the link to volunteer, participate and be a part of Celebrate the TaTas 2017.

Lunch and Learn
Study Group

Lunch & Learn meets the third Friday of every month from 11:45 until 1:00 at Temple Israel. 

For additional information contact Linda: levyollie@aol.com or 704-366-6362

Hadassah Cards and Certificates
Hadassah Cards

New cards for all occasions. Help raise money for Hadassah while putting a smile on the faces of your friends and family.
You can purchase these cards for $2.00 each or 6 cards for $10.00    Call Nancy Kerstein at 704-643-9494 to purchase cards.

Send a Hadassah certificate and show the world you care. Your tax deductible donation enriches the lives of millions of people. 
To order, call: Sue Klein- 704-595-3886 (note new #) If Sue is not available call 1-800-928-0685 to order or you can order online here

You can view the Hadassah certificates and e-certificates online: www.hadassah.org/donate

You can also purchase the following online. It's quick and easy!

Plant a Tree in Israel

Online Hanukkah Cards

From our President

Dana Kapustin

Our members, 1100 strong, passionate women in Charlotte, NC, as well as 330,000 nationwide, represent an organization that began as a small mission to provide emergency care to infants and mothers in pre-state Israel and blossomed over a century into two world-class medical and research centers in Jerusalem. Bringing advanced medical care to all, regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality, earned Hadassah a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

In Charlotte, Hadassah founded the Jewish Film Festival, an illuminating and entertaining cultural event that brings together a diverse group of film lovers to enjoy stories, characters and themes with universal appeal, through the unique lens of the Jewish experience.

Hadassah’s most innovative fundraiser, ‘Celebrate the TaTas’, raises breast cancer awareness as it raises money for breast cancer research at Hadassah Medical Organization in Israel, which benefits women worldwide. Each woman who has her ‘TaTas’ painted becomes a uniquely strong, beautiful, and courageous ‘canvas’, as unique as the woman it represents. Our volunteers, prepare and provide, along with our friends from Sun City and Lake Norman Hadassah, monthly meals for JFS. We have many more engaging and enjoyable activities throughout the year.

Hadassah connects Jewish women and empowers them to affect change through advocacy, advancing health, well-being, and support of Israel. Our members are activists, fundraisers, and visionaries in every congressional district in the nation. We don’t just talk. Hadassah women DO.

Please join us. We would love to get to know you.

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Dana L. Kapustin

President, Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah

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