Hadassah Danville is one of the earliest chapters, founded in 1918 by a group of women in Danville, Virginia who were inspired by the work and ideals of Henrietta Szold. The chapter was chartered a few years later by the National Hadassah organization, and continued its work in support of Palestine (as it was then known), sending medical instruments, clothing, and even baby food to the area. The chapter continued to grow with an influx of Jewish couples to the Danville area after World War II, and began its famous “Angels of Mercy” campaign in 1950. This fundraiser in support of Hadassah Medical Organization continues to this day, with ads solicited from businesses and individuals whose names appear in a full-page “Angels of Mercy” ad in the Thanksgiving edition of the Danville Register and Bee. Our chapter is smaller now, but no less mighty, as we continue to support the HMO and other aspects of Hadassah, including advocacy for gender equity in medical research and other issues of particular importance to women. Chapter officers participate in Region, Tri-Region, and National meetings and bring information back to local members to cement the connection between our efforts and the goals of Hadassah. For further information about Hadassah Danville, please contact Martha Woody, President, at rfbmmw@comcast.net.

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Just as the wild flower seeds have been sown in Israel to beautify the land

We can sow seeds for healthy and productive lives through our Donor contributions


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Angels of Mercy Campaign

Our major fundraiser is the Angels of Mercy campaign, which has been done annually since 1950.  Individuals and businesses are contacted for donations to the Hadassah Medical Organization in Israel, and a full page ad is taken out in the Thanksgiving Day edition of the local paper to thank these “Angels of Mercy.”  Last year the project raised $12,852 and continues to be our most successful fundraising event.

From our President

Martha Woody President 2017

I was privileged recently to attend a Tri-Region meeting in Charlotte, NC with Hadassah members from the ten states covered by the Southeastern, Southern, and Southern Seaboard Regions.  The weekend meeting focused on the three pillars of Hadassah – Advocacy, Health, and Zionism – and the resources and opportunities that Hadassah provides in each area.


Hadassah has been working to educate women about the importance of heart health with its Every Beat counts, Every Step Counts, and now Every Bite Counts programs.  These emphasize both preventive care and the importance of knowing women’s distinctive cardiac symptoms.  At the same time, Hadassah has been advocating for Gender Equity in Medical Research so that more can be known about heart health and heart disease in women.


Hadassah’s Research in Service to Humanity is working to bring the cutting edge of medical research to address diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, melanoma, and breast cancer.  And of course, the two Hadassah hospitals Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus remain the best examples of diversity and cooperation that can be found in the Middle East, providing the most up-to-date and caring medical treatment to everyone, regardless of ethnicity or religion.


Given all the good things we Zionists know about Israel, how is it that there are people who want to isolate and demonize the country and undermine its sovereignty? Avi Weinryb of the Israel Action Network provided a framework for understanding people’s attitudes toward Israel and how to engage with those who can be persuaded to be more supportive.  In particular, he pointed out the need to build relationships through dialogue, to discover shared values and common ground, and to recognize the importance of emotions in making moral choices.  The situation in the Middle East does not have to be a zero-sum game, but rather we can work toward a win-win solution.


Rabbi Judith Schindler, Director of the Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice at Queens University in Charlotte, gave an inspirational presentation on Jewish values and how they can help guide us in providing not just social services to those in need, but in advocating for social justice as well.  The Center provides Holocaust and human rights education and promotes advocacy to create positive change.  Rabbi Schindler drew upon the Holiness Code in Leviticus (“Love your fellow as yourself”) as well as the wisdom of Hillel (“What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor”) to emphasize the need to create inclusion and acceptance for all.  She pointed out that Abraham, Moses, and Isaiah all said to God, “Hineini, here I am.”  The question then becomes, to whom or for what cause would we say “Hineini, here I am”? I hope that Hadassah inspires that response from you!

Martha Woody, Chapter President

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