Hadassah Danville is one of the earliest chapters, founded in 1918 by a group of women in Danville, Virginia who were inspired by the work and ideals of Henrietta Szold. The chapter was chartered a few years later by the National Hadassah organization, and continued its work in support of Palestine (as it was then known), sending medical instruments, clothing, and even baby food to the area. The chapter continued to grow with an influx of Jewish couples to the Danville area after World War II, and began its famous “Angels of Mercy” campaign in 1950. This fundraiser in support of Hadassah Medical Organization continues to this day, with ads solicited from businesses and individuals whose names appear in a full-page “Angels of Mercy” ad in the Thanksgiving edition of the Danville Register and Bee. Our chapter is smaller now, but no less mighty, as we continue to support the HMO and other aspects of Hadassah, including advocacy for gender equity in medical research and other issues of particular importance to women. Chapter officers participate in Region, Tri-Region, and National meetings and bring information back to local members to cement the connection between our efforts and the goals of Hadassah. For further information about Hadassah Danville, please contact Martha Woody, President, at rfbmmw@comcast.net.

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Upcoming Events!

Thursday, March 9th - Dinner meeting to “Break Esther’s Fast,” exact time and location to be determined, program on HMO and Jo Ann Howard’s recent visit to Israel 


Sunday, May 21st - Annual Donor meeting with Aliza Bricklin, Region OVP, as our featured speaker.  Further details will be available closer to the date.


Sunday, September 10th - Angels of Mercy kick-off meeting


Annual Channukah covered dish dinner in December


For updates on any of these events, contact Martha Woody at rfbmmw@comcast.net 

Angels of Mercy Campaign

Our major fundraiser is the Angels of Mercy campaign, which has been done annually since 1950.  Individuals and businesses are contacted for donations to the Hadassah Medical Organization in Israel, and a full page ad is taken out in the Thanksgiving Day edition of the local paper to thank these “Angels of Mercy.”  Last year the project raised $12,852 and continues to be our most successful fundraising event.

From our President

Martha Woody President 2017

What do you think of when you think of Hadassah?  The wonderful hospitals?  Support for Israel?  Why are they asking for money from me again?  Other?  Or nothing?

   Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, whose tagline is “the Power of Women Who Do,” has broad impact in many areas, and the money they raise is put to many good uses.  Here are just a few examples of HWZOA’s work:

   As part of a Peres Center for Peace project, sixteen cochlear implant surgeries were performed on Palestinian children at Hadassah’s Ein Kerem Hospital.  In addition, Israel’s first spina bifida fetal surgery was recently done at Ein Kerem, lessening some of the crippling effects of this condition.  The procedure was performed on a five-month old fetus and done by Dr. Yuval Gielchinsky, one of only three doctors in the world who can perform this technique. 

   Hadassah’s Youth Aliyah villages in Israel help at-risk children to achieve long-term success.  Services such as Hebrew education for immigrants, special education for children with learning disabilities, and therapy for those scarred by domestic or sexual abuse, in addition to secure shelter and food, have been provided for over 300,000 children since the program began in 1933 as a way to save Jewish children from the Nazis.

   On the home front, Hadassah is promoting women’s health through programs such as Every Bite Counts, which provides information about making heart healthy dietary choices, and advocacy for Gender Equity in Medical Research, as gender-specific issues in many diseases, but especially with cardiac problems, affect treatment outcomes for women. 

    Hadassah has also been working to combat human trafficking, and for more access to quality, affordable child care, by encouraging members to build relationships with their elected officials and advocate on these issues.  The “Power of Women Who Do” is operating on many fronts and in many ways both to support Israel and to promote action on important domestic issues. 

   To support the important work of Hadassah, please contact Jo Ann Howard at pkhlov@comcast.net or Martha Woody at rfbmmw@comcast.net.


Martha Woody, Chapter President

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