Ensure Jewish continuity through education and support of its Young Judaea youth programs. Advocate health awareness through education. Act as a force on social issues that impact upon us as American Jewish women. Promote personal growth through enrichment opportunities and education.

Richmond , Virginia
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2018 Upcoming Events
2018 Calendar
April 2018
15th Game Day with JCC Adult Dept.
22nd, 1 pm- Hadassah Richmond book club discusses Orphan Tale by Pam Jenoff,  Weinstein JCC
22nd  Virtual Region Meeting 9:15 AM to 12:30 PM

May 2018
6th  Israel’s 70th Family Day Celebration, Weinstein JCC Elaine R
15th - 17th, 2018 Hadassah Women’s Health and Advocacy Conference  Capital Hilton
17th Ben Gurion Film and Talk Back with Doug Seserman, Weinstein JCC

June 2018
1st, 12:30 pm - Lunch Bunch at Asian 7 Restaurant near Ultra /Trader Joe's on West Broad St.
10th, 1 pm- Hadassah Richmond book club discusses My Jewish Year by Abigail Progrebin,  Weinstein  JCC

July 2018
29th, 1 pm
- Hadassah Richmond book club discusses The One Man by Andrew Gross, Weinstein JCC

August 2018
12th, 1 pm -
Hadassah Richmond book club planning meeting

September 2018
14th Shabbat Under the Stars
15th -16th Fall Region Meeting 4 PM on Saturday the 15th to 1 on Sunday the 16th  Raleigh NC

October 2018
7th - 15th Hadassah Milestone Mission  ALL Day Long! Israel
21st  Elinor Bloom Marshall Humanitarian Award Event,      Leslie Baron, Chairwoman of this event.

November 2018
21st   Book Fair  Weinstein JCC

January 2019
26th - 27th  Winter Board Meeting and Aliza’s installation, TBA Raleigh   Gail M.

**All dates subject to change.  Please visit us on Facebook or online to keep up to date on Hadassah Richmond events.

(Subject to change)

05-17-2018 Ben-Gurion Epilogue
05-17-2018 Ben-Gurion Epilogue

Film, Ben-Gurion Epilogue

Presented by WJCC in collaboration with Hadassah Richmond
        Thursday, May 17 at 7 p.m.
        Cost: members of Hadassah & WJCC: $6.00
        non-members $10, POA  free. 

The film shows never seen before footage,
including Ben-Gurion’s reflections and soul-searching,
whose reflections provide a surprising vision for today’s 
crucial decisions and for the future of Israel. 
A Must See!!

For the remarkable story behind the making of this film. 
Go to this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SR545RSDVg

Make sure to attend the Talk Back with Doug Seserman, Chief Executive Officer at American Associates Ben-Gurion University

Endless Beginning Necklace
Hadassah Endless Beginnings Necklace

Hadassah Organization


Endless Beginnings Necklace

For a gift of $150* in support of groundbreaking medical research at Hadassah Medical Organization, you can receive this lovely sterling silver necklace edged with cubic zirconias. It is inscribed with the famous quote from Hadassah's founder, Henrietta Szold, “There is no ending that is not a beginning.”

Proceeds go to support the ongoing lifesaving patient treatment and medical research at Hadassah Medical Organization and count towards your unit's fundraising goal.

Click here for form!

*Note: The necklace has a fair market value of $50. All but the fair market value of the asterisked item noted above is deductible to the extent provided by law. Hadassah intends to respect donors’ wishes regarding this gift, however in accordance with U.S. tax law requirements regarding deductibility of contributions, Hadassah shall have full dominion, control and discretion over this gift (and shall be under no legal obligation to transfer any portion of a gift to or for the use or benefit of any other entity or organization).

Hadassah Certificates
2016 Certificates





  with  a

  Hadassah Certificate

  Your donation enriches the lives of

  millions of people and is 100%

  tax deductible

  Certificates can be purchased with    a donation in honor of or in memory of a person of your choice. Donations for certificates     can be made in various denominations and may be designated to a specific Hadassah program.

The certificate of your choice will be printed with the recipient's name and custom inscription, then mailed to the recipient acknowledging your contribution. What a great way to honor someone's birthday, anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah or to send a loving tribute to someone!

To see more certificates or to place an order, please contact Marsha Marks (marsha@emarks.net or 804-285-8188), Frona Colker (fronacolker@comcast.net or 804-747-0220), or Edie Merriam (Ediemerriam@aol.com or 804-285-8188).

Sterling Life Membership Gift
Sterling Gift

Click Here To Apply.

Emily Sterling is paying forward her gift of Life Membership in Hadassah to new college graduates, and is donating $25,000 to Hadassah to establish a special project: 100 graduation gifts of Life Membership (women) or Associate (men) Enrollment in Hadassah.

A chance gift of a Life Membership to Hadassah from her mother set an important course for Emily Sterling’s adult life. As a young woman, pregnant with her son, and looking for a life direction in New York City, Sterling used this gift to meet other like-minded young women and strengthen her Jewish identity and commitment to Israel. As an idea that just came to her out of the blue, Sterling hopes to ignite that same spark in young women (and men as Associates) college students in Virginia. And so she is offering up to 100 graduation gifts of Life Membership in Hadassah to any student graduating from a Virginia college or university.

Sally Goldberg, Richmond Chapter copresident said, “We are proud and excited that this brand new venture is a first, and has never been offered at any other Hadassah chapter in the U.S. We hope that lots of students take advantage of the generous offer. We hope it may become a model for other chapters around the country. With this generosity, Emily is paying it forward. She sees this as a legacy gift for others. Her family has a history of supporting Israel and Jewish causes.”

Sterling said, “as an only child, my mother always did a lot for me in my life. But this (gift of Life Membership) was one of the nicest most special things she ever did. It sticks in my mind and my heart.” She continued, “It was really life changing and life affirming. As a young woman, I couldn’t have asked for anything else better in my life- not a trip or jewelry or anything monetary.”

Sterling hopes through this gift to others, “maybe there is another me out there or a 100 me’s or 1000 who will get that same spark and do something with it.” She said she didn’t know what she was looking for until she had this connection with Hadassah and the women she met and the causes that she served for her people. “My mother gave me the way to start this commitment and it gives me great pleasure to give it to others on behalf of my family before me,” she says with great pride.

This gift is valued at $212. There are absolutely no strings attached. Students (male or female) who would like to receive a free life membership, (or associate), should notify Co-Membership Vice Presidents Elaine Ragone or Beth Rochkind or project chairman Janie Schwarz.  All three can be reached at richmond.chapter@hadassah.org.


From our President

2017 - President Beth Rochkind


                                         Beth Rochkind 


                                      Hadassah President

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