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Baton Rouge Chartered thirteen years ago as a very small chapter and has steadily grown. We are proud to be a medium sized unit and continue to work to promote Hadassah's Mission with real practice within our Baton Rouge and Louisiana communities.

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Hadassah Happenings
Dear Members, Associates and Friends,
As Past Chapter President, I have stepped in to help Presidents Marilyn Martell and Ruth Katzen to write this months Hadassah Happenings. Our small community here in Baton Rouge has been greatly affected by the Tisha B’Av flood and the loss seems overwhelming. Everyone has either been directly affected or in the second degree of families and friends having suffered loss. What is most heartening through all this has been the immediate call to action and aid from within our community and around the nation to help us. I honestly felt overwhelmed this week trying to help all my friends who lost everything and was given that tiny light in the grey when Janice Weinman, Hadassah CEO, and on the behalf of Hadassah President, Ellen Hershkin, called me asking what she could do to help and that it was on the way. That was enough for me to find my bootstraps and continue on.
In continuing on, we look forward to working on the next phase of recovery after a catastrophic event, healing and recovering. In keeping with our calendar, we will still meet at the Goodwood Library Sunday September 25th at 3 pm for a book review of Edgar Bronfman’s “Why Be Jewish”. After the High Holy days we will have a program of spiritual and psychological healing with our annual Hadassah Sukkot Dinner in October. With the goal of building a strong local community, Hadassah is holding a community dialogue on “Water: Local Sources, Global Solutions” November 13th with Guest Speakers, Dr. Charles Groat, President and CEO of the Water Institute of the Gulf, Elizabeth ”Boo” Thomas President and CEO, Center for Planning Excellence and Deb Lust-Zaluda of JNF. Having these program goals works towards normalizing our lives again.
I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and help sent on our behalf here in Baton Rouge and in return welcome everyone to take a break and join us at one of our upcoming events.
Kol Ha Kavod and L’ Shana Tova,
Dr. DéAnna Ernst


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    Jane Hershberg

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