Free the Tatas

Hadassah New Orleans Presents....

The Cannery
3803 Toulouse St
New Orleans, LA 70119

“Free the Tatas” is a two-part event presented by Hadassah New Orleans.  The event will benefit Breast Cancer Research, Treatment, Education & Other Genetic Research.

Part 1 is “Free the Tatas” Paint Day. Paint Day took place on March 19, 2017 where eighteen volunteer models, many breast cancer survivors, had their torsos painted by local, well-known artists and then photographed. These women are baring it all for A.R.T (Awareness, Research and Treatment). 

Part 2 is “Free the Tatas” Disco Ball. On September 9, 2017 at The Cannery, the works of art from Paint Day will be revealed for the very first time on spectacular canvases. The “Free the Tatas” Disco Ball will feature delectable food from local restaurants, entertainment for Disco dancing, and a fabulous auction.

Honorees: This year’s honorees for “Free the Tatas” are Cathy Bart and Judy Lieberman, two women who were at the forefront of preventative treatments against breast cancer over fifteen years ago. Before the BRCA positive gene was widely known and aggressive treatments were accepted, both of these women decided to take a progressive approach against breast cancer.

Sponsorships: There are many sponsorship opportunities available. Please check out our full Sponsorship Packet for details and sponsorship levels.

              Contact: Free the Tatas Co- Chairs

Cheryl Mintz - cheryl@planetguide.com 504-975-1743

Evette Ungar - EvetteUngar@yahoo.com 504-343-3278


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