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Welcome to the Hadassah N’awlins Chapter! Like the City of New Orleans, we are magical, powerful, and dynamic. We use our Southern charm to adapt Hadassah’s mission to the unique circumstances and needs of our members and community at large. Our membership is growing by the day, and we provide groundbreaking health education programs on breast cancer and heart disease. As members of the Legislative Agenda for Woman (“LAW”), Hadassah N’awlins seeks to improve the lives of women, children, and families in Louisiana through advocacy initiatives.

4721 Carthage St., Metairie LA 70002
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118
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E : annsandsc@aol.com

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4721 Carthage St., Metairie LA 70002

New Orleans, Louisiana 70118


Save The Date - Free the Tatas!
STD Free the Tatas

Hadassah New Orleans Presents the First Annual "Free the Tatas" on September 9, 2017 at The Cannery.

The “Free the Tatas” fundraiser will raise awareness and support for Hadassah's Breast Cancer and Genetic Research Programs and for Breast Cancer Education, Advocacy and Prevention.

“Free the Tatas” is a two-part event starting with Paint Day where eighteen volunteer models, many breast cancer survivors, will have their torsos painted by local, well-known artists and then photographed. These women are baring it all for A.R.T (Awareness, Research and Treatment).  Then, on September 9th at the Disco Ball fundraiser, the works of art will be revealed for the very first time on spectacular canvases. The “Free the Tatas” Disco Ball will feature delectable food from local restaurants, entertainment for Disco dancing, and a fabulous auction.

Check back often for updates and also be sure to "like" our Facebook event page.

From our President

Charisse Sands, President Hadassah New Orleans

Spring has arrived. As I was watching the new leaves budding on the trees, dormant plants pushing through the soil, and flowers blooming, I knew that Pesach was coming. ­Thoughts of cleaning and cooking filled my head. As with every holiday, there was so much to do and no task ever felt finished. At the same time, with so much to do for our families and friends, it was easy to forget the importance of staying focused and energized on achieving our personal goals.


It is in times like these when I feel the power of Hadassah to keep us connected to our individual physical, spiritual, and intellectual needs and to share those experiences with others. ­The opportunities are bountiful. Working hard to increase your physical stamina and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Join the Gumbo Ya-Ya’s walking group, sign up for the virtual walk, or learn about nutrition by attending a heart health program. Want to share that passion for health with the next generation? Support Neat Eats: In Pursuit of Good Health, a program to expand children’s knowledge on nutrition. Looking to grow as a parent or grandparent? Attend the Parenting Series that Hadassah co-sponsors. Or perhaps you are looking to discover your artistic side? ­The two-part program on Chagall where you can create a “stained glass” window could be just what you need to find your inner artist. Whatever interests you are looking to deepen and expand in your life, Hadassah has a program where you can join other women with similar passions in pursuit of those same goals.


Finally, every holiday brings with it the opportunity to consider the ways we might all contribute to our community. ­There are two ways you might consider supporting Hadassah this time of year. First, support the Hadassah directory by asking a business or professional to advertise in it or by patronizing our advertisers, and informing them that Hadassah New Orleans has over 900 members dedicated to improving the lives of women and children worldwide. Second, if you are looking for an outlet to let your creative juices flow, volunteer to work on the Hadassah Goes Bollywood fundraiser and help us raise funds to support our programs and projects in the United States and Israel.


As members of Hadassah, we know that we are providing much needed and appreciated funds for medical research, education, patient care, and leadership development in Israel and the United States. We can also be proud of the ways we pursue our own dreams and support each other to achieve amazing goals and make our community great. We do it because we are Hadassah ladies/women and HADASSAH is the POWER OF WOMEN WHO DO!


Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Charisse Sands

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    Arlene Hines

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    Dorlene Alaynick

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    Patricia Unger

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