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Hadassah On Alert: Operation Protective Edge

Solidarity Delegation Update
July 29 - July 31, 2014

Led by Hadassah National President, Marcie Natan

Hadassah National President Marcie Natan and a group including other leaders and Associates flew to Israel on July 27 for a brief, but intense, tour of specific areas in Israel affected by Operation Protective Edge. Click here to watch a video from Marcie Natan, and the entire Hadassah Solidarity Delegation.

Scenes of Solidarity

L: National President Marcie Natan and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. R: Reunited at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower: Wounded soldier Natanel Lulai, 21, and Hadassah ER physician and IDF soldier Dr. David Rekhtman. The doctor treated Lulai when he was wounded in Gaza. Marcie Natan was there to share the emotional moment.

Please continue on to our Google+ album to view all the pictures
from the Hadassah Solidarity Delegation...

They have visited the following places so far:

  • The mission viewed the installation of the Iron Dome in Ashdod, where they were told, "As Americans you can be proud that your government financially supported and helped develop the Iron Dome. You are our fifth flank."
  • At the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower the group was briefed by Khaled Abu Toameh, an Arab Israeli journalist, on the current Arab world situation.
  • After visits to soldiers who are patients and the underground operating rooms, still waiting to be completed, they traveled to the Knesset, where they were briefed by MK Gila Gamliel, member of the Finance Committee.
  • As they traveled to Har Herzl to visit the graves of newly buried soldiers, they were saddened to learn that 3 additional Israeli soldiers were killed this morning. After reciting the Prayer for Israeli Soldiers and the Prayer for the State of Israel, they prepared to leave Israel.
  • At the end of the day, the group visited with Israel's newly installed tenth President, Reuven "Ruby" Rivlin and his wife Nechamah. He was so pleased to be welcoming the Hadassah mission, reporting that he strongly believed in the Organization of Hadassah women in the United States and thanked them all for their contribution in creating the health system in Israel. They were both proud to report that they each had an aunt who was active in Hadassah for many years.
  • Meir Shfeyah Youth Village, hosting over 25 families from the south, moving from the intensity of the Hamas bombing to the serenity of the north, met and thanked the group sincerely for their respite. Unfortunately, shortly after the group left, a bomb did break up the peacefulness of the morning outside the village.
  • At the Be'er Sheva underground municipal emergency center with the deputy mayors, the group was briefed on the past and current situation, as they viewed security monitors. 144 rockets have fallen in Be'er Sheva in recent weeks.
  • The group planted the first trees in memory of the fallen soldiers of Operation Protective Edge in the Hadassah grove at the KKL/JNF Be'er Sheva River Park. Hadassah has committed to plant a tree in memory of each fallen soldier during this current crisis.
  • Next the group traveled to inspect a destroyed home in the Nachal Beka neighborhood of Be'er Sheva. Marcie shared, "We know we can't show our solidarity from a distance and want to be here with the people of Israel."
  • The group then met with mothers from the Be'er Sheva area whose sons are in the army. One response was, "I live on my phone, checking for news and telephone calls, to be sure all is well", while another mom indicated that she only waits for calls, because keeping up with the fighting is much too intense.
  • The group will visit Sderot and Jerusalem on Wednesday, July 30.
  • Also, on July 30, the Hadassah Solidarity Mission will wind up its trip at Hadassah Ein Kerem visiting the wounded soldiers.

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Anonymous @ 7/11/2014 8:20:19 PM 
Marcie, just to let you know, My husband, Rabbi Solomon Acrish From Temple Beth elohim, Brewster N.Y. is takaing a group of congregants on tour of Israel. We are showing our Solidarity with Israel by Not allowing Terrorists to change our plans. They are a group of First Timers And Their excitement is contagious. So we will be donating a lot of money to the economy! Shabat Shalom.
Terri Acrish
Esther ValenciaPoint
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