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Mushrooming Luncheons

Hadassah Southern Arizona Launches Mushrooming Luncheons

Do you love to go to lunch with friends, or even make new friends? Maybe you enjoy having friends over for lunch? In either case, Hadassah has a new membership/fundraising project for you! It's called Mushrooming Luncheons, because they spring up everywhere like mushrooms after a rainfall!

We are asking members to either:
A) Host a Mushrooming Luncheon for 5 other Hadassah members or prospective members  (either old friends or new ones)
B) Attend a Mushrooming Luncheon
C) Do both!

Each attendee contributes $18 (check made out to Hadaasah) to attend a luncheon at someone's home.You can go more than once, if you don't mind paying the $18 again. The hostess provides the food and the cooking, and makes a kosher-style meal (no meat, unless her home is a kosher home. no shellfish or pork). The hostess does not pay the $18, but with 5 attendees, Hadassah garners $90 per luncheon! Each hostess collects the $18 per person.

The rules can easily be stretched: brunches or dinners or high teas can take the place of a luncheon. It's the hostess' choice. And, you don't have to serve mushrooms!

This is going to be an ongoing project, starting right away, and with no end in sight. As long as women want to get together for eating and good companionship, we'll keep having Mushrooming Luncheons!

By the way, if you invite someone who isn't a Hadassah member, and she joins that day ($36 annual membership or $212 life membership), then she only pays half price for the luncheon ($9) or $45 for lunch and annual membership.

If you are on a special diet, or for some other reason, you cannot host or attend a luncheon, donations are always welcome!

If you'd like to be a hostess or be invited to a luncheon, fill out the form below:

Full Name 
Participation I would like to host a Mushrooming Luncheon
 I would like to attend a Mushrooming Luncheon
Disclaimer I understand I will need to submit payment or collect payment for Hadassah at the event.
Special Requests


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