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Solidarity Delegation to Israel, July 28-31 2014
During the final days of the Hadassah Convention in Las Vegas, a five person solidarity delegation was formed. Included were Marcie Natan (National Hadassah President), Marlene Post (Past National President), Burton Krull (Executive VP, National Committee Hadassah Associates), Louis Numkin (Associates Board of Directors) and Josh Davidson (an Associate who has never missed a solidarity mission). We left Sunday 7/27, arriving in the heat of the Gaza War in Israel. more...
Date: 8/18/2014

2012 Associates “Centennial Man”: Jack Wiadro
The National Committee of Hadassah Associates (NCHA) is proud to announce its selection of Jack Wiadro as the 2012 National Associate of the Year “Centennial Man” recipient. more...
Date: 10/3/2012

Associates Raise $2M for Stem Cell Research
The National Associates Team is proud and excited to announce that its $2M goal in support of stem cell research at the Hadassah Medical Organization has been reached! It was the vision and inspiration of Howard Kaplan, z'l, former president of the National Committee of Hadassah Associates that ignited this initiative with the support of the NCHA Executive Board. more...
Date: 9/5/2012

US Senator Menendez becomes Associate
Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) joined 34,000 Hadassah Associates, men and boys who support the work of Hadassah, when he received the Myrtle Wreath Award for the Northern New Jersey Region of Hadassah. In his acceptance speech, the senator underscored the strategic importance of the United States to continue its support of Israel, the only real democracy in the Middle East. more...
Date: 1/16/2012

Hadassah Welcoms Home Gilad Shalit
Hadassah's Members, Associates and supporters join the worldwide Jewish community in celebrating Gilad Shalit's homecoming. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Shalit home and reunited him with his family. more...
Date: 10/18/2011

Mark Roth's Remarks to the Delegates at the Hadassah Centennial Convention
About two and a half years ago, my family traveled to Israel to visit our eldest daughter who was spending her gap year studying and volunteering there. We were fortunate to have my in-laws travel with us, but my parents, who wanted very much to come as well, were unable to do so because of my mother's dialysis schedule and her weakening condition. Unfortunately,within 36 hours of our arrival, I was enroute back to the States while my family said their good-byes to my mother via Skype. more...
Date: 8/10/2011

Associates Meet their Tower Goal
A little over a year ago, the Executive Board of the National Committee of Hadassah Associates voted to participate in the SWD Tower Room Naming opportunities. The Associates committed to raise $36,000 for the Internal Medicine, 10th Floor, East Wing, Medication Room to be named in honor of Hadassah Associates. more...
Date: 5/23/2011

Guns and Gunpowder!
The Jewish Policemen's Society, Shomrim Society of Illinois, joined with Hadassah Associates to show off their shooting skills while raising money for two great causes and Ken Kamm reports that ten Associates from Wilmington, Delaware, enjoyed National Associates Day 2009 outdoors on the Black Gunpowder Tour at the original 1802 explosives works of the Du Pont Company. more...
Date: 3/19/2010

Congressman Connolly
Don Sacarob, VP, National Committee of Hadassah Associates, made a presentation to newly elected Congressman, Gerry Connolly of the 11th Congressional District of Virginia. The presentation included his Associate pin, a beautifully matted and framed Associate certificate and a welcome letter from our Hadassah National President. more...
Date: 3/12/2010

A Special Night of Spirits
The Associates of the Chicago Chapter of Hadassah presided over a phenomenally successful "Special Night of Spirits," on a Monday night in January, 2008. The event was held at a fine restaurant and raised approximately $14,000 for stem cell research at Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem. more...
Date: 1/15/2008
  • Thank you to all of the Honorees for the Men's Health Initiative

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    Joan Apfel
    Arnold Barsky
    Jack Benz
    Bradley Blair
    Jason Bloch
    Norman Bobrow
    Sheilah & Jerry Brandes
    Sharon Cadoff
    Barry Chiswick
    Arnold Cohen
    Marc Cohen
    Janet Daneshgar
    Mark Elfant
    Marvin Feig
    Frederick Fink
    Burton Garfinkel
    Frances Givert
    Stanley Gold
    Donald Goldberg
    Edward Green
    Norman Green
    Haren Haber
    Steven Haber
    Marvin Heyman
    Jacob Hoffman
    Steven Koppel
    Abner Korn
    Burton Krull
    Craig and JeffLamb
    Larry Leveen
    Sheldon Levine
    Alan Lipschultz
    Leslie Litzky
    Andrea Lovett
    Cyrus Mager
    Majestic Isles
    Roger Irvine
    Jerome Makowsky
    Joel Marks
    Norman Minsky
    Louis Numkin
    Sheldon Osobow
    Ariel Ostad
    Ruth Plotkin
    Norman Patinkin
    Alan Piaker
    Jeffrey Richardson
    Ronald Riebman
    Charlotte Rosensweig
    Mark Roth
    Milton Sabin
    Fredrick Safer
    Michael Sapovits
    Laura Schiff
    Michael Shor
    Joseph Schwartz
    David Smith
    Ari Smith
    James Smith
    Joseph Stein
    Myron Tannenbaum
    Ari Tannenbaum
    Fern Tannenbaum
    Heidi Wolk
    Joanne Weiner
    Jane Weinkrantz
    Irwin Weinstein
    Melville Weiser
    Stanley Zolot
    Rachel Zolot


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