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The Jerusalem Netletter: Hanukkah 5772, December 2011
Fourth & Fifth Light
Which blessing do you say first? The rule in Judaism is that the blessing you say more often comes first. Hence you might think that you say the blessing over the Shabbat candles before the Hanukkah blessings. Date: 12/24/2011

An Important Message From The National President Marcie Natan
You may have heard allegations that Hadassah Medical Center, owned by Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of American (HWZOA), was late on payments to some of its suppliers. There is actually LESS to this story than has been alleged. Without context, these allegations are meaningless. It is a basic reality of operating a business that when one entity that owes another fails to fulfill its financial obligations, the second entity struggles in consequence to pay its own bills on time. Date: 12/23/2011

The Jerusalem Netletter: 5772 Hanukkah 4-5 2011
Date: 12/23/2011

The Jerusalem Netletter: Hanukkah 5772, December 2011
Third Light
Third Light—Foreign Ministry expert Raphael Singer was explaining the complexities of dealing with Iran, an enemy that funds assaults on Israel's legitimacy, attacks through proxies, and poses a nuclear threat to Israel and the world. Date: 12/22/2011

The Jerusalem Netletter: Hanukkah 5772, December 2011
Date: 12/21/2011

Ruth Gruber & Hadassah: 100 Years Young
A standing room-only crowd of Hadassah members, Associates and friends attended a screening of the documentary “Ahead of Time: The Extraordinary Journey of Ruth Gruber” and heard from Ruth herself following the film. Date: 12/20/2011

The Path from Jerusalem to Montevideo
Diary of A Director General
Date: 12/19/2011

Hadassah Medical Organization Mourns Two Exceptional Colleagues
Two recent deaths have affected the staff at Hadassah Medical Organization. Arik Zukert, Director of R&D since 1994, died December 6 at home after a long and heroic fight against cancer. Dr. Ido Yatsiv, 57, Director of Hadassah's Pediatric Intensive Care unit, died December 3 as a result of massive internal bleeding following surgery. Date: 12/8/2011

Jewish students to volunteer in New Orleans, Navajo Nation during winter break
High school students will participate in hands-on service projects
Jewish high school students from across the United States are once again volunteering to spend their winter vacation lending a hand toward rebuilding and community development projects. This December, Young Judaea, the premier Zionist Youth Movement, managed by Hadassah, will guide students as they experience intensive, transformative community service programs in two very different locations. Date: 12/8/2011

Israeli Specialists Trained in Groundbreaking Surgical Technique
An innovative procedure to remove cancerous tumors from the gastrointestinal tract was performed at the Hadassah University Medical Center’s Institute of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases recently. Date: 12/6/2011

Director of Hadassah’s Pediatric ICU Dies
Dr. Ido Yatsiv, 57, director of Hadassah’s pediatric intensive care unit, died Saturday as a result of massive internal bleeding following surgery. Date: 12/5/2011

Hadassah Role Models
Diary of A Director General
Date: 12/5/2011

Howard Jacobson To Receive Harold U. Ribalow Prize
Author of The Finkler Question will receive annual literary award.
Hadassah Magazine has announced that this year’s Harold U. Ribalow Prize will be awarded to Howard Jacobson, who wrote The Finkler Question, published in 2010. Every year, Hadassah Magazine honors an author who has created an outstanding work of fiction on a Jewish theme. The Finkler Question also was awarded the 2010 Man Booker Prize. Date: 12/1/2011

"Who knew I would get the chance to save someone's life?"
Last January, Mike Goldberg was on a Young Judaea Birthright trip to Israel, where he and others signed up to be bone marrow donors. Mike never thought he would be called, but In September he was notified that he was a match for a patient dying of cancer. Date: 11/30/2011

Planting Methuselah
On November 24, 2011, a ceremony was held on Kibbutz Ketura to plant the famous date palm “Methuselah”. The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests from Israel and abroad, including Lord David Wolfson and Marcie Natan, the National President of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America. Date: 11/29/2011

Welcoming Visitors to Hadassah
Diary of a Director General
Date: 11/28/2011

The Heart of Our Hospitals
Diary of A Director General
Date: 11/21/2011

Young Judaea Names Inaugural Executive Director
Hadassah and Young Judaea jointly announce Simon Klarfeld to lead the national Zionist youth movement
In its latest move toward independence, Young Judaea announced today that Simon Klarfeld, a highly regarded community builder and innovative educator with critical skills in organizational change, will become its inaugural executive director. Klarfeld is taking the reins at a momentous time in the youth movement’s 102-year history, as it branches off from its longtime parent organization, Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America. Date: 11/21/2011

From Baltimore to Jerusalem
The Autumn Mission of Hadassah, led by Aileen Bormel, left for Israel on October 25, 2011. The majority of the group was from Baltimore, though others from around the globe joined them. All the Baltimoreans became Life Members before the mission began. Date: 11/18/2011

The Jerusalem Netletter: 5772, November, 2011
A new Hebrew month has started: Heshvan, also called Mar-Heshvan. "Mar" means "bitter" and the month has this unhappy name because there are no holidays in it. As much as I love the holidays, I also like getting back to business as usual. Date: 11/18/2011

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