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Helping Haiti, Helping Humanity
Date: 1/7/2011

Sara Houghteling To Receive Harold U. Ribalow Prize
Author of "Pictures at an Exhibition" will receive annual literary award
Hadassah Magazine will present the 2010 Harold U. Ribalow Prize at a 3:30 p.m. ceremony on January 31 in New York. Every year, Hadassah Magazine honors an author who has created an outstanding work of fiction on a Jewish theme. Date: 1/7/2011

Selah Leadership Program Accepts Applications until March 1
Date: 1/7/2011

Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 4)
The Founder’s Role in Hadassah’s Medical Program
For the first six months after his arrival, an immigrant's health was Hadassah's responsibility. To provide him when he fell ill with a doctor's care, a hospital bed, nursing and drugs, was a relatively simple matter. But that was not the way of Henrietta Szold. She looked beyond the individual to the community as a whole and to the people that was to build a new land. Date: 1/6/2011

Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 3)
The Founder’s Role in Hadassah’s Medical Program
The leap from a simple nursing project to a medical program of national and, indeed, governmental scope, came in the midst of World War I. It was the darkest hour in the struggle against the marching German war machine. Date: 1/3/2011

The Healing Power of Art
World-renowned glass sculptor and artist Dale Chihuly visited us recently at Hadassah-Ein Kerem. During our tour of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, we walked through the Entrance Floor to the very end and stood in the light that streamed through the glass dome of the two-story Art Rotunda. Date: 1/3/2011

Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 2)
The Founder’s Role in Hadassah’s Medical Program
For Henrietta Szold's centennial in 1960, Hadassah leaders wrote articles in several booklets about her contribution to Hadassah and to Hadassah's projects in Israel. In celebration of Henrietta Szold's 150th birthday, December 21st, we are reissuing some of these articles. "Nursing" is the second section of the article, "Henrietta Szold – Health Pioneer". The authors, Tamar de Sola Pool and Minnie W. Halpern, were long-time members of Hadassah's national board. Tamar de Sola Pool was national president from 1939-1943 and knew Henrietta Szold well. Date: 12/22/2010

HMO Update
Yesterday afternoon, passers by the little Moshav Mata not far away from Hadassah Ein-Kerem, saw a wounded woman with her hands tied behind her back. Date: 12/21/2010

Henrietta Szold - Health Pioneer (Part 1)
The Founder's Role in Hadassah's Medical Program
Henrietta Szold was such a personality, and Hadassah is the institution that is the lengthened shadow of her being. In this brief sketch we shall attempt to follow albeit only in outline, the impact of Henrietta Szold on the medical work of Hadassah of which she was the creative fount. Date: 12/20/2010

Hadassah Foundation Meets!
The Board of Directors of The Hadassah Foundation met in New York to vote on grant allocations for 2011. Date: 12/15/2010

Hadassah “will not take up much of your time”: Henrietta Szold’s unrealized promise to Alice Seligsberg in 1912
News about Henrietta Szold on her 150th birthday
For Hadassah’s 25th anniversary in 1937, the Hadassah Newsletter printed a series of articles by Alice L. Seligsberg entitled, “Chronicle of Hadassah”, covering in detail the first few years of the organization. Date: 12/14/2010

Jerusalem Netletter: After Hanukkah thoughts
We have all scraped off the wax and put away our Hanukkah menorot, but we can still take to heart the message of the holiday. You get a miracle from heaven only after you make every effort on earth. Only after our Maccabbee forefathers and foremothers fought for our values did they receive the miracle of the oil which burned for eight days. Date: 12/14/2010

Human Rights Day Rally to Free Gilad Shalit
It was an exciting morning, to say the least. I had the pleasure of meeting Congressman Jerrold Nadler, Congresswomen Carolyn Maloney and Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, as well as representatives from some of the rally co-sponsors. Date: 12/13/2010

HMO: A Special Touch
Despite the devastating fire that occupied us for the week of Chanukah, the joy and laughter of the children during this special holiday remains in our minds. Date: 12/10/2010

International Human Rights Day
On December 10, 2010, at 10:00 a.m., Jewish community members and human rights activists will hold a rally outside the International Red Cross building in New York City, urging them to pursue all opportunities to gain access to Gilad Shalit and work towards his release. Hadassah National President Nancy Falchuk will speak at the rally, in addition to Congressman Gary Ackerman, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Congressman Jerry Nadler, among others. For Hadassah members who want to attend, the International Red Cross Building is located at 801 Second Avenue, the southwest corner of East 43rd Street and Second Avenue. Date: 12/9/2010

My Night at the White House
It's not often you get invited to the White House. I had my chance this week, when I was a guest at the White House's Hanukkah party. Date: 12/6/2010

Happy Hanukah from Hadassah Medical Center
A Friday Story
Chanukah at Hadassah is always a wonderful time when the entire Medical Center seems especially filled with joy and warmth. This is particularly true in the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother and Child Center where decorations delight and our staff makes sure that parents and patients – even the sickest children – can celebrate in some fashion. In the Maternity Pavilion, there are celebrations of a different sort as a record number of babies continue to be born – five to eight percent more than this time last year. Date: 12/3/2010

HMO and the Fires: A Special Report
The gigantic fire that has been waging death and destruction along the Carmel mountain near Haifa is still in full force after more than 30 hours and for the second night. Date: 12/3/2010

International Volunteer Day, 5 December 2010
On 5 December, volunteers around the world mark International Volunteer Day (IVD). Date: 12/3/2010

Special Menorah Used for the Candle Lighting Ceremony at the White House Hanukkah party
The menorah for tonight's ceremony is generously loaned from Congregation Beth Israel in New Orleans. It was dedicated to the congregation in 1957 by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lopp in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. The Lopps were longtime congregational leaders and supporters. Date: 12/3/2010

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