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Florida Hadassah Luncheon is a Bookish Affair
Hadassah luncheon, bookish affair (back to top)

Metuchen-Edison Gesher Chapter Talks Heart Health

Tuesday, April 1st was no joking matter when Dr. Ian Molk, a cardiologist affiliated with JFK Medical Center in Edison, NJ, presented during Every Beat Counts: Hadassah’s Heart Health Program™ to the Metuchen-Edison Gesher Hadassah, Colonia Chapter of Hadassah, Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County, and Sisterhood of Congregation Neve Shalom. He discussed the many factors that can lead to heart problems and gave many solutions how to prevent heart attacks and be heart healthy.He also dealt with the strong differences between men and women when it comes to heart health.

Read more about our Heart Health program here>>
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Cincinnati Hosts Hadassah Doctors

Carol Ann Schwartz hosts doctors and nurses who have taken part or are heading for medical cooperation in her hometown. "The connection has gone beyond professional to creating meaningful and ongoing ties with Hadassah and the Jewish community."

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Dr. Shelly Negari, Hadassah Adolescent Doctor Speaks at Cincinnati Chapter Chai Society Inaugural Event
Dr. Shelly Negari, Bonnie Juran Ullner (Cincinnati Chapter President), Carol Ann Schwartz, Pilar Samuel (Event Co-Chair) and Teri Junker.

The Cincinnati Chapter of Hadassah hosted its inaugural Red & Black Chai Society Brunch on Sunday, March 9, 2014 to kick off Hadassah's newest level of giving, Chai Society. Dr. Shelly Ben Harush Negari, a Hadassah Medical Center pediatric doctor from Israel who is here on a fellowship at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, spoke about eating disorders and the importance of the establishment of a multidisciplinary program that will address the needs of these patients. Julie Torem and Pilar Samuel were the event co-chairs.

The event was held at the home of Diane Yasgur. Pilar Samuel, the event co-chair welcomed everyone to the brunch and introduced chapter President, Bonnie Ullner, and National Board members, Teri Junker and Carol Ann Schwartz. Bonnie Ullner spoke about the benefits of the new Chai Society level of giving and "Where to Make Your Impact" before Dr. Negari was introduced.

Dr. Negari spoke about eating disorders and how difficult they are to treat. Her presentation included how we cannot stereotype what people will look like or act like if they have an eating disorder, and how different eating disorders can be triggered by social media. She has been with Cincinnati Children's Hospital for over a year working in adolescent care, has worked in the Cincinnati Children's clinic, and advised on cases on a national basis. She shared some of her case studies at the brunch. "We must look at the patient as a whole and not just that he or she is not eating. Just because they look healthy, does not mean that their body is healthy. There is so much to learn, even from a conversation."

On a more personal note, Dr. Negari spoke about her younger sister Shiri, who was murdered on Tuesday, June 18, 2002 by a Palestinian suicide bomber, while on her way to work. "From something horrible, has come good. From her operating room, I now delivered babies. We have learned how to treat trauma patients in confined spaces. And in turn, we have shared that knowledge with others: Hadassah trauma Doctors taught the E.R. Doctors in Boston."

Dr. Negari is in Cincinnati on a three year fellowship with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center as part of their Israel Exchange Program. The Israel Exchange Program at Cincinnati Children's recognizes that Israel is a global leader in research, innovation and technology. Cincinnati Children's is a leader in delivering complex pediatric care and breakthrough research. Working as partners through the Israel Exchange Program, it is a goal to make research and technological advances that benefit the globe, more expertly train scientists and pediatric providers and improve clinical care for children around the world.

Additional photos from the Chai Society brunch

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Florida Atlantic Region Hosts Hadassah Sabbath

Hadassah Sabbath was a truly special occasion on February 28 at Temple Anshei Shalom in Boynton Beach. The guest speaker, Nancy Falchuk, immediate Past President of National Hadassah was introduced by Joan Baron, President of Florida Atlantic Region, Hadassah. The audience, many of whom were Hadassah members, included Carmela Kalmanson, Past National President of Hadassah, several National Board members, numerous Hadassah members from Boca Raton to Vero Beach, and temple members. Nancy was in Florida for one week and met with the Nurses Council, Ora Delray Chapter, Chevra Chapter, and North County Chapter, a few of the 60 plus chapters in the Florida Atlantic Region.

The speaker focused on the Hadassah Medical Organization which includes Hadassah Hospitals at both Mt. Scopus and Ein Kerem, and the Sara Wetsman Davidson Tower, located in Jerusalem, Israel. The hospitals' doors are open to all and the doctors treat everyone. Their amazing research and ground breaking successes have been utilized by hospitals all over the world benefitting mankind.

Mrs. Falchuk recognized the importance of everyone here in S. Florida who have worked so hard to help build a nation and infrastructure. She boasted on how 300,000 women built the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower on budget and on time during a crisis in Israel when no one else was building.

She said," Healthcare is complex; there are few nations who have figured out how to run a healthcare system not in a deficit. Hadassah is now caught up in the middle of a crisis trying to give quality care at a tertiary care hospital and do so with a balanced budget."

Nancy also spoke about grassroots fundraising, and how the organization depends on these generous givers and its major donors in accomplishing its many projects in the United States and Israel. The 300,000 members of Hadassah experience the extraordinary work of Hadassah – healing, action, enlightenment, continuity, and dreams coming to fruition.

No wonder the audience was rapt with attention and listened ever so carefully to this most dynamic speaker!

Nancy Falchuk ended with," As we have survived wars, intifada, plagues, and more, we everyone's help, we will get through one more crisis together and come out stronger than ever."

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Tampa Ameet Holds Education Day on Heart Health

Over 40 women gathered in Tampa for a Florida Central Region Education Day on November 3, 2013. Those who attended the program were given the tools they need to be heart savvy. The group learned techniques to help us deal with the stress, which is a major contributor to women's heart health issues. Michele Smith, a restorative yoga instructor, led a series of stress relieving movement and breathing exercises.

Sabrina Smith, MS, RN, (no relation to Michele) checked blood pressures before and after, and found that some women significantly benefited from the yoga and their blood pressures had come down.

After a heart-healthy lunch, instructors taught the new Bystander CPR and use of the defibrillator and CPR certified the group.

In February, Women's Heart Month, many chapters around the region presented Every Beat Counts in their own communities. The Lylah Pinellas Chapter held a program in a member's home attended by over 40 members and prospective members.

Read more about our Heart Health program here>>
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Arlington-Lexington Chapter Hosts "Hadassah Night at the Oscars"

On March 1, the Arlington-Lexington Chapter hosted a benefit to support heart health. The event took place the night before the Oscars and was billed as “Hadassah Night at the Oscars.” The evening activities included photos taken on the red carpet by Arthur Kress, an Oscar-favorites sing-along led by Randy & Nancy Feld, Jewish Oscar Trivia and film clips of Jewish Oscar winners narrated by Susan Foote. The event also provided delicious home-baked pastries baked by Helen Marcus and Sandra Levine, wine and an opportunity to win raffles and prizes.

All proceeds benefitted Hadassah's heart research efforts.

Read more about our Heart Health program here>>
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Chaim Lotan Makes a Visit to Florida Chapters

Professor Chaim Lotan's mission is to help prevent heart disease in women. Lotan, director of the Heart Institute at the Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem, recently shared his mission at several events that took place in Miami Beach, Boca Raton, Lake Worth and Palm Beach Gardens. Lotan, who also established the Hadassah Cardiovascular Research Center in 2004, updated local hospital supporters on his team's work, which includes research in heart disease prevention and progress using stem cell research in cardiology.

"Women do not know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in Israel, the United States, and rest of the world," Lotan said in an interview. "We see a lot of heart disease in young women."

Lanie Sacks, the Greater Miami Region of Hadassah's senior major gifts officer, said Lotan's research can help so many women. "In Hadassah, we advocate for women's health and this is a way that we are advocating for women's health because our doctors are out there really being proactive," she said.

Lisa Moore, executive director of Hadassah’s South Florida Area Development Center, attended Lotan's talks in Palm Beach County and said that highlights from his discussion were that his team isn't only treating heart issues, but is also getting at the roots at some of the challenges of getting people to take better care of themselves. "He's just an example of what Hadassah hospital does in that they not only treat the patients, but they also do research," she said.

Read more about our Heart Health program here>>
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East Brunswick Knits Hats for Babies at Hadassah Hospitals
(seated l to r) Lillian Leifer, Marsha Schiffman, and Ellen Brumberg. (standing l to r) Sandy Kandel, Gail Hoenig, Bernice Bellows, Ilene Ralsky, Carol Yablonowitz, Stephanie Hunger, Sheila Temkin Davidoff, and Anita Freidenreich. Absent are Merle Fisher, Ellen Goodman, Linda Skupp and Diana Horowitz.

Twice a month members of the East Brunswick Chapter meets at the local Barnes and Noble store to knit hats for babies, which are sent to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. At these meetings local, regional and national Hadassah news is discussed and there is always an appeal for funds. Women donated and over the course of time $250 was collected. A generous anonymous donor matched this amount totaling $500 and another person came forward and did the same thing. So this small “tight knit” group donated $1000 to Hadassah Hospital.

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Miami Chapter Hosts Heart Health Conference

In an effort to promote women's heart health, Hadassah hosted a public educational event, Every Beat Counts: Hadassah's Heart Health Program™ at the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education, University of Miami School of Medicine.

The program is a national Hadassah initiative and is designed to appeal to women of all ages, in an effort to communicate the statistic that heart disease is the leading cause of death among American women. The event included an interactive presentation on heart disease symptoms and risk factors and provided guidance on how women can make prevention a priority. Participants also learned about cutting-edge heart health and heart disease research currently being undertaken at Hadassah Medical Organization in Jerusalem.

Read more about our Heart Health program here>>
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Oakland Hadassah Presents "Hadassah is the Heart of Jerusalem”

Recently the Berkeley Chapter held a joint event with Oakland Hadassah at a member's home featuring guest speaker Nancy Falchuk.She introduced the Every Beat Counts: Hadassah's Heart Health Program™and also spoke about the Linda J. Pollin Heart Health Program. About 40 people attended the event and time was provided for questions and answers. There was an informational table and brochures about the Heart Health Program were distributed. Approximately $400 was raised for heart research.

Read more about our Heart Health program here>>
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Village Grande Chapter of Hadassah Gets in on Heart Health
(l to r) Joyce Cohen, Education/Program Vice President; Dr. Jill Schwartz-Chevlin, Speaker; Iris Cooper, President

On Monday, February 10, 2014, the Village Grande Chapter of Hadassah, in West Windsor, Southern New Jersey Region, presented Every Beat Counts: Hadassah Heart Health Program™. Dr. Jill Schwartz-Chevlin, internist and geriatric specialist, spoke to an audience of members educating them about gender related heart health issues.

Utilizing Power Point, DVD and handouts from Hadassah's PRAZE division, and her vast knowledge, Dr. Chevlin empowered the attendees with new knowledge and understanding of the atypical symptoms of heart attack that women may experience. She also emphasized the causes, treatment and prevention of heart disease in women. Replete with red garb, which the participants proudly wore, with red paper hearts sold for fundraising—totaling $200 to Cardiology at the Hadassah Medical Center, and a beautiful table filled with healthy snacks, they not only broadened their heart health education but they began to practice it!

Read more about our Heart Health program here>>
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Westchester Region Puts on a Play
Debra Bradley Ruder, journalist and granddaughter of Justine Wise Polier Kellye Rowland, actress Ellen W. Kaplan, playwright, director and actress Carissa Degenais, actress

On March 9, The Westchester Region of Hadassah and the Scarsdale Public partnered to bring "The Grain of the Wood" - an inspiring and compelling one-act play - to Westchester. Over 130 people attended.

The Grain of the Wood is a play about the life of Justine Wise Polier, a visionary family court judge, dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children and fighting social injustice. The first woman justice in New York State, Polier demonstrated her activist nature throughout her life, whether working undercover in a New Jersey textile mill or ruling against racial and religious discrimination in her courtroom. The daughter of prominent Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and child advocate Louise Waterman Wise, Polier worked with close friend Eleanor Roosevelt to open a school for delinquent boys in New York and mobilized to rescue 20,000 German refugee children desperate to escape Hitler, going up against fierce anti-Semitism in the US. She was also a vocal supporter of Israel and a leader in the American Jewish Congress.

The playwright is Ellen W. Kaplan, a professor of theatre at Smith College in Northampton, MA. She is collaborating with Debra Bradley Ruder, a Massachusetts-based journalist and a granddaughter of Polier's. The script draws on Polier's vast collection of papers at the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe, along with material from other archives, books, Congressional records, newspapers and interviews with people who knew her personally and professionally.

The three-person play celebrates Polier's life while exploring deeper questions of, "Did I make a difference? What more could I have done?" A discussion/Q&A with cast and producer followed the play.

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Southern New Jersey Region Pins New Chai Society Members
New Chai Society Members in Southern New Jersey

At the recent Helping Hands Portfolio Training Event held by the Southern New Jersey Region on February 20, 2014, Region Chai Society Chair Linda Fellen presented a pin to one of the first members, Laura Brandspiegel, of the Greater Princeton Chapter.

Laura was gifted the membership in early 2013. Six attendees were so excited by the new initiative they joined on the spot, and were also presented with pins.

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Hadassah Radiologist, Dr Benny Koplewitz, Travels to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Dr. Benny Koplewitz and Rabbi Dov Lipman

Dr. Benny Koplewitz, head of the Pediatric Diagnostic Radiology Department of Hadassah Hospital, Bloomberg Mother and Child Center was in Cincinnati visiting at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center as part of an Israel Medical Exchange program that Cincinnati Children’s has established with Hadassah Medical Organization. Dr. Koplewitz returned to Israel with great potential new collaborative program between the two hospitals.

Dr. Kopelwitz came to Cincinnati Children’s in order to observe organization of workflow in the department; observe and assist with clinical work; and observe and learn about possible cooperation in research in the subjects of radiation dose reduction in CT and chest radiography: using the applications of sonography, MR techniques in children: and elastography.

At Hadassah – Hebrew University Hospital in Jerusalem, Dr. Kopelwitz is responsible for clinical service, teaching, and research in pediatric radiology. His main research interests are oncologic imaging, and extending the applications for pediatric ultrasound imaging. Dr. Koplewitz also has a particular interest in teaching radiology and pediatric medicine to residents and medical students, and received the Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching in 2006.

In addition to his time at the Cincinnati Children’s Dr. Koplewitz had the opportunity to spend time with the members of the Israeli community living in Cincinnati, and members Cincinnati Chapter of Hadassah. He also attended a Jewish Federation of Cincinnati event, “Israelity: Redefining Reality in Israel” with Member of the Israeli Kenesset, Rabbi Dov Lipman.

The event was part of “ISRAELITY: Redefining Reality in Israel,” a series of open dialogues in which social innovators give first-hand accounts of life in an unknown and unshown Israel—their personal ISRAELITYs. Rabbi Dov Lipman visited Cincinnati to discuss his vision for the State of Israel. MK Rabbi Dov Lipman met with Jewish community leaders and professionals and then gave a public lecture. Dr. Koplewitz attended both events with Hadassah National Board member, Carol Ann Schwartz.

Following the presentation, Dr. Koplewitz had the opportunity to meet with MK Rabbi Lipman to discuss his presentation and ask additional questions. It was a very well received presentation.

Dr. Koplewitz’s visit was made possible through the Israel Exchange Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, that awarded partial funding for his visit through a competitive application process. The goals of these visits are to provide training to Israelis and establish clinical and research collaboration with their medical centers.

Additional photos from the brunch with the Cincinnati Chapter members and Dr. Benny Koplewitz

Additional photos from the MK Rabbi Dov Lipman event

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Lexington Chapter Dines for Hadassah
Teri Junker and a friend at the Dining for Hadassah event.

The Lexington Chapter of Hadassah held a successful event called "Dining For Hadassah," a dinner at a local synagogue. At the potluck and installation meeting, the Lexington Chapter featured a video on Hadassah Medical Organization and a speech by Teri Junker, the Central States Region President. The chapter learned about Chai Society and the Choose Your Impact Campaign.

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Broward Hadassah Brunch Focuses on Heart Health
Broward Hadassah Brunch Focuses on Heart Health
Read about it>>
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St. Louis Raises Heart Health Awareness
St. Louis Raises Heart Health Awareness
Read about it>>
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Baltimore Chapter Brings in $100K at Stem Cell Party

Hadassah of Baltimore's "Cell-A-Brate 2014" event honored the love story of Alvin and Louise Myerberg.

Louise had Multiple Sclerosis and Alvin did everything in his power to care for her. In looking for a solution, Alvin funded Project Restore at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Although unable to help his beloved wife, Project Restore was able to help many patients delay the symptoms.

The evening featured a Bruce Springsteen tribute band and silent auction. With 300 guests, the event brought in nearly $100,000 to benefit Stem Cell Research at Hadassah Medical Organization.

See more photos on Baltimore Jewish Times' Facebook

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Boston Chapter Scavenges for Heart Health

The Boston Chapter of Hadassah held a heart healthy scavenger hunt at the Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts Star Market on Sunday, February 9 as part of its Every Beat Counts, heart health program.

Parents and their children searched the market for heart healthy lunches that were also delicious to eat. Chairs, Dr. Stacey Maslow and Lisa Golden organized the event and helped the children and moms make healthy choices. Roberta Laredo, Hadassah member and licensed nutritionist explained options for favorite foods usually eaten for lunch.

The Boston Chapter of Hadassah is holding a series of programs during February, healthy heart month, and throughout the year, emphasizing the risk factors and prevention of heart disease.

Read more about our Heart Health program here>>
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