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From the Desk of Avigdor Kaplan, PhD
It has been two months since I began serving as Director General of the Hadassah Medical Organization; two months of concentrated effort, two months of difficult decisions and two months of continuing to learn more about the Medical Center. Date: 7/31/2013

Fellowship for Young Physicians Aims to Secure Hadassah’s Future as Major Research Institution
Launched in 2011, Hadassah Medical Organization's Marom Medical Fellowship program for young physicians aims to position those with research aspirations to get the training they need to pursue a clinical research career and thereby ensure the strong future for research at Hadassah. Date: 7/24/2013

HMO’s Geriatric Unit: Special Support for the Frail Elderly
The Hadassah University Medical Center’s Geriatric Unit--unique in Israel--was created to assess the needs of the frail elderly and provide them with the holistic care they need. Date: 7/24/2013

French Opera Baritone Entertains Patients and Staff at Hadassah
French Baritone Opera Virtuoso David Serero performed in the atrium of the Hadassah Medical Center's Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower on July 18. Date: 7/22/2013

Updated: Hadassah Doctors Enable Gazan Child to Breathe Independently for First Time in Seven Years
Overcoming international obstacles and a lack of medical resources, Hadassah doctors teamed up with a Columbia University Medical Center specialist to perform life-changing surgery to enable a patient to breathe and speak for the first time in seven years. Date: 7/22/2013

Project Rozana Helps to Save a Palestinian Baby's Life at Hadassah's Hospital
Musab Alafandi stands over his son's crib, checking on his son's breathing. This week, he and his wife Majd are taking turns looking after their son Abdul Nasser in a regular hospital ward so that they will feel secure when they take him home soon. Date: 7/18/2013

Construction Update: Hadassah Celebrates New Healing Garden--Gifted by Australian Donors
With entertainment by the children of the Shalva School Chorus Band, in front of the Eli Douer and Family Center for Pediatric Genetic and Chronic Diseases on Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus, a groundbreaking was celebrated for the new Healing and Environmental Garden, a gift from Australians, Jack and Robert Smorgon and their families, along with other supporters of Hadassah Australia and Jewish National Fund. Date: 7/15/2013

Dental School Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence and Role as Bridge to Peace
Sixty years after the women of Hadassah, the Hebrew University and Alpha Omega International Fraternity opened the first dental school in Israel, hundreds of dentists, oral surgeons and researchers from Israel and abroad celebrated the achievements of the Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine and its role in building bridges for peace. Date: 7/10/2013

From the Desk of Avigdor Kaplan
The first note from the desk of the new Director-General Avigdor Kaplan. Date: 7/2/2013

Chinese Delegation Visits Hadassah's Hospital on First Trip to Israel
A delegation of Chinese health officials, led by Professor Xiaochun Chen, Deputy Director-General of the Provincial Department of Health of Hunan Province, which has more than 75 million citizens, visited Hadassah Medical Organization at Ein Kerem on Sunday. Date: 7/1/2013

Hadassah Senior Ob/Gyn Physicians Share Expertise with International Researchers
Dozens of researchers from different countries participated in a seminar at Hadassah Medical Organization presented by Hadassah's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as part of a Society for Gynecological Investigation (SGI) conference, which took place in Israel for the first time. Date: 6/26/2013

Placental Cells Mitigate Radiation-Induced Complications in Mice, Hadassah Researchers Reveal
Placental cells, Hadassah Medical Organization researchers have shown, were successful in mitigating acute radiation-induced complications in mice when transplantation was initiated 24 hours following total body irradiation. Date: 6/26/2013

Hadassah's Hospital in Ein Kerem Hosts Stillbirth Support Groups
Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center at Ein Kerem runs a support group for women who have had stillbirths--where a baby is born lifeless as a result of a miscarriage or a medically induced abortion. Date: 6/19/2013

Hollywood Star Sharon Stone Visits Hadassah Medical Organization
Hollywood star Sharon Stone, a long-time activist to find a cure for AIDS, visited Hadassah-Hebrew University Center in Ein Kerem today to meet with Professor Dan Engelhard, head of Hadassah's pediatric AIDS unit which has developed an integrative method of treating children who are HIV positive in Israel and around the world. Date: 6/18/2013

Mayor of Paris Visits Hadassah's Hospital in Ein Kerem
In 2005, an Israeli-France partnership formed "Heart for Peace," a program at Hadassah- Hebrew University Medical Center which cares for Palestinian children suffering from severe heart disease, free of charge. Since its inception the association has raised funds to save the lives of over 500 Palestinian children in need of cardiac surgery. Date: 6/17/2013

Hadassah and Yale Researchers Find Peptide Prevents Disease in Mice
Researchers have discovered that a certain peptide released by a fetus during pregnancy, called a “pre-implantation factor” (PIF) is effective in preventing graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) in mice, following a bone marrow transplant. Date: 6/13/2013

Helping Patients to Heal: Hadassah-Mount Scopus Hosts Art Exhibition
“Creativity and Health” was the theme for this year’s annual art exhibition, hosted for patients and the local community at Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus. Date: 6/13/2013

Stem Cells Speed Up Healing Process for Severe Fractures, Hadassah Orthopedists Prove
Injecting stem cells to treat severe fractures speeds up recovery, physicians in the Orthopedics Department of the Hadassah University Medical Center have demonstrated. Date: 6/13/2013

Hadassah Conference Highlights and Honors Excellence in Research
The second annual Research Conference in memory of Dr. Ido Yatziv, former Director of Hadassah's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), highlighted studies conducted by residents, nurses and paramedical staff. Date: 6/3/2013

Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus Offers Self-Help Group for Children Suffering with Obesity
The Nutrition and Diet Clinic of Hadassah Hospital- Mount Scopus is hosting a new self-help group for children who suffer from obesity and their parents. Date: 6/3/2013

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