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Hadassah Approves New Policy Statements

Hadassah Approves New Policy Statements


Hadassah concluded its 2013 National Business Meeting by voting on three key policy issues. Hadassah’s National Board and delegates approved a statement in support of women’s economic equity and security, and reaffirmed two statements in support of medical research funding—especially funding for women's health research. 

Women’s Economic Equity and Security

“Hadassah has a long history advocating for equal rights and a just economic society—championing policies on civil rights, pay equity, parental leave, the minimum wage, and social welfare programs that protect America’s most vulnerable citizens. Hadassah reaffirms support for these policies, advocates for improved enforcement, and promotes the implementation of new measures that will provide flexibility for working families without forcing sacrifices to their economic security.”

The Women’s Economic Equity and Security statement calls for new measures that will reduce the gender wage gap; protect pregnant workers rights; increase the minimum wage; and expand and promote opportunities for earned paid parental, family and sick leave.

Click this link to read the full 
2013 Women’s Economic Equity and Security Policy Statement

Support and Funding for Women’s Health Research

In conjunction with Every Beat Counts: Hadassah’s Heart Health Program, the National Board and delegates reaffirmed the 2001 Medical Research and 2006 Support and Funding for Women's Health Research policy statements. Click the titles below to read the full statements. 

Medical Research 
Supports government funding for cutting-edge medical and biotechnological research and clinical trials—notably those in the areas of heart disease prevention and treatment for women, gene therapy, cancer and other medical treatments, organ and tissue transplantation, and stem cell research. 

Support and Funding for Women's Health Research 
Calls upon the United States government to increase the study of women's health issues; to encourage more women to enroll in clinical studies; to increase funding to the Office of Research on Women's Health and other offices of women's health within the government; to increase public awareness of women's health issues; and to encourage women to enter the field of biomedical research and increase the number of female researchers.

A compendium of Hadassah's policy statements is available on Hadassah’s website:www.hadassah.org/policystatements. 


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