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If you believe in Jewish Continuity...click below.

Ensure a Jewish future by inscribing your name or the name of a loved one in the Book Of Continuity to support Young Judaea's activites in Israel. For a contribution of $36 per individual name, you can be counted among those who have said through their actions and deeds that the future of Jewish values must continue.

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Hadassah has been a partner in the birth and growth of health care in Israel since 1912. Your contribution helps support the Hadassah Medical Organization, the most advanced medical treatment, research, teaching and rehabilitation facility in the Middle East. Over 1 million patients are treated at HMO every year, regardless of race, religion or nationality.

An eleven year old blind girl is given the gift of sight…A baby is born after years of infertility…A victim of a terrorist bomb who at one point was declared clinically dead now lives a full normal life…Hadassah performs miracles, one person at a time.

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Education is the way to best prepare the next generation of Israelis to support the country’s economic growth and development. Hadassah College Jerusalem provides programs and opportunities to help young Israelis become self-sufficient citizens and leaders in their fields.

HCJ is committed to the values of diversity, dignity and diligence.  It reaches out to all sectors of society to create a student body that reflects the cultural mix of the Israeli population.  The College provides an environment in which talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultural settings work together to gain practical, applicable and cutting-edge skills.

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Hadassah believes that children are the world’s most important and precious resource. Whether helping young immigrants and disadvantaged native-born Israelis adapt to life in Israel through Youth Aliyah or instilling a life-long commitment to Israel and Judaism through Young Judaea, Hadassah is the vital link that helps make a difference in young people’s lives.

Sometimes the people who need our help the most are the least able to ask for it. That’s when our hearts must respond with extraordinary generosity. Many Youth Aliyah children and teens live in our villages because their parents are drug users, alcoholics, criminals, prostitutes or mentally ill and can’t care for them. Our villages provide the loving guidance and nurturing support necessary to give these kids hope for the future

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Hadassah and the Jewish National Fund have teamed together to help transform Israel’s barren desert. Through generous donors like you, we have drained swamplands, planted forests, developed water resources and preserved Israel’s ecology. Help us continue these vital efforts to guarantee that Israel has the critical resources it needs to ensure agricultural and industrial growth for the future.

A 12-year drought has ravaged Israel, especially the Negev. For the first time in 30 years, families who have called this area their home may be forced to leave. Hadassah is working with JNF to develop the Negev so that young families can continue calling Israel home for generations to come.

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