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Message From the President



By Orly Wallach


Orly's Vision


We did it! Our hospitals are out of the Intensive Care Unit and recovering nicely. An agreement was achieved between the hospital administration, National Hadassah and the Israeli Government on a plan to bring Hadassah Medical Organization back to full health: back to being the wonderful institution it has been for almost a century.

While that was taking place in the land of Israel, here, in the land of Delaware, our Chapter’s Board has been hard at work planning fun, interesting, educational, events for you to enjoy and participate in for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015.

Come celebrate the summer with a fun picnic at the home of Lisa Elliott. Join us for Fiddler on the Roofat the Candlelight Theatre. Become a Bigger Giver and enjoy an elegant and enlightening fundraising event at the Mendenhall Inn. Meet for book discussions in Wilmington and Newark, just as Henrietta Szold and her friends did, even as they dedicated themselves to working proactively to meet the health needs of Palestine's people.

With all the buzz around our Chapter, it’s no wonder we have attracted so many new Life and Annual members. Everyone wants to be on our winning team!

In response to your enthusiastic interest, we will offer a leadership training program on August 6 and August 13. Hanna Pollack, National Hadassah’s Member & Unit Services Division Coordinator, who developed Hadassah’s Leadership program, will lead our sessions. Her detailed explanation of the functions, tasks and skills involved in each chapter leadership position will be followed by leadership skills training.

If you'd like to take part in this exciting, enriching program, please email me at Orly.wallach@gmail.com. Thank you!



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