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Message From the President



By Orly Wallach


Orly's Vision



I write this in the midst of war in Israel. This war feels like no other.

Never before have so many missiles hit so close to home.

Code RED, sirens, running to the shelter, hearing the bombs… Iron Dome intercepts another potential disaster.


Our homeland is always under siege, whether it’s anti-Semitism around the world or terror attacks at home. Aren’t we all afraid to think what would happen without Iron Dome, “a complex tapestry of machinery, software and computer algorithms capable of intercepting and destroying rockets midair?” Iron Dome is a product of state-owned

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and is a testament to the vision, ingenuity and skills of Israeli engineers.


We, Hadassah members and associates, have our own visions. We are here to stand by Israel, our homeland. We MUST send money to support our hospital, so that we can continue to care for our wounded soldiers and civilians.


Chen Schwartz, an IDF soldier shot twice at close range by a terrorist, suffered tremendous damage to his body and massive bleeding. He is recovering at Mt. Scopus Hospital, where he received life-saving surgery. At his bedside, his mother said, “The care and staff here are so wonderful and embracing. Please pass on my thanks to the

Hadassah women and supporters abroad who have created this wonderful hospital.”


We, Hadassah members and associates, have our own responsibilities. We had the vision to build the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower (Israelis call it the Davidson Tower

- Migdal Davidson.) Now we must support its completion and help it operate as planned! Our hospital and its staff are the best of the best, but 13 operating rooms in a protected underground wing are unusable because they are not fully equipped!


I am calling upon all of you to give from your heart to our vision and cause. Open your heart and give at least $100. In return, you will receive an elegant and eloquent sterling silver open heart pendant and the knowledge that you have helped save a life.



Please send your donation directly to HMO: www.hadassah.org/tower

or contact our Chapter Fundraising VPs.



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