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Hadassah Yiddish Education Program



Harvesting Yiddishkeit at The Yiddish Farm

Organic Farming with A Side of Yiddish Language Immersion

Speaker: Naftali Schaechter Ejdelman

Wed. April 3 — 7pm-9pm

FREE at the JCC auditorium.

Yiddish is often called Mamaloshen – the mother tongue. Perhaps Yiddish was the language of your parents or grandparents. Perhaps it brings back warm memories of family and friends. And who doesn’t enjoy the Yiddishisms sprinkled in TV shows and movies. 

Good news. Yiddish is making a comeback. 

Wilmington Hadassah presents an insightful talk by Naftali Ejdelman, co-founder and operator of The Yiddish Farm in upstate New York. This 225-acre working farm grows organic crops, but is also cultivating a new crop of Yiddish speakers by offering summer-long, work-camp experiences, where only Yiddish is spoken. Ejdelman calls it “Yiddish Land.”

Have fun with us.

Kibitzing and light refreshments will follow.

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