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Spotlight on Ellen Feingold


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Spotlight on

Ellen Feingold

Article by Naomi Hershkowitz



You're all likely familiar with the Hadassah presidential team that served from 2007 through 2009.  We previously spoltlighted Ellen Pell.  Here's the other half of the dynamic duo, the Ellen Mae Hadassah presidential dynasty


Dr. Ellen Feingold, MD, is well known to the entire community, and certainly to Hadassah members.  Google is aware of her too, as I found out when I went online.  I thought I knew Ellen Feingold but I was in for some surprises.

Dr Ellen Feingold has been a physician for 40 years, mostly specializing in pediatric and adolescent medicine. After she studied homeopathic medicine in Israel, she became a homeopathic physician, now caring for patients of all ages. She is currently the Director of the Homeopathy Center of Delaware, located on Foulk Road in New Castle County.

She and Michael, her high-school sweetheart, have been married for 49 years.  They have four children and twelve grandchildren.  Felicia, their oldest, and only girl, lives in Israel with her son and daughter.  The Feingold's twin boys arrived one year later.  One twin, Barnett, is a computer specialist for Bloomberg, and lives in New York City with his wife, Jessica, and 3 boys.  The other twin, Daniel, is a colorectal surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.  He has just been named to sit on an endowed chair,  the money for which was donated by two of his grateful patients.  He and his wife, Tonja, have 4 children.  Danny and Tonja's eldest is the first of the grandchildren to attend college. Judah is in her first year at Villanova University, majoring in nursing. The youngest son, Joseph, holds a PhD from MIT in brain science.  He lives in Wellesley Massachusetts with his wife, Shiri, and 3 children.  He currently works for Putnam Consulting while his wife is finishing her training in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. 

In 1981, Ellen and Michael took their family to live in Israel, where her sister and her family had already settled.  There Ellen attended Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital for her Masters in Public Health.  They stayed in Jerusalem for 15 years, but when their children started to return to the US, they also returned to this country. While in Israel she wrote and published two books; the first on Hebrew verbs, and an English-Hebrew medical dictionary, now translated into Russian.  

They became Delaware residents because Ellen became employed by the duPont Hospital for Children as their Adolescent Medicine Specialist.  In 1999, she started practicing homeopathy in her Foulk Rd office.  She is an active writer.  She wrote and published The Complete Self-Care Guide to Homeopathy, Herbal Remedies, and Nutritional Supplements.  It is fascinating to read online about Dr Feingold's reasons for specializing in Homeopathy, and her confidence that an educated mother is a good keeper of the family health.   I'm sure she would be happy to autograph your copy. 

Those who have been fortunate enough to be invited to the Feingold's home know what a beautiful and welcoming place it is.  The view from her property is truly impressive, and the hospitality is memorable.  




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