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Spotlight on Miriam Sawyer, By Naomi Hershkowitz

Spotlight on

Miriam Sawyer

Article by Naomi Hershkowitz


I haven't yet met Hadassah Life member Miriam Sawyer, but I am looking forward to it. She provides more evidence that Hadassah ladies are talented, diverse, and always special.

I became aware of Miriam Sawyer when her painting "Wedding Day" was donated to the Hadassah on-line auction. I did some web surfing and was pleased to see the talented artist is one of our own. Her mother was a Hadassah member and a lawyer, and all of the women in her family were active Hadassah members. Miriam and her young daughters became Hadassah members during the 1967 war.

Although Miriam was born in Columbus Ohio, she spent most of her adult life traveling around the country with her college professor husband to advance his career. When they lived in New Jersey she was the director of the Rutherford Library. Some years ago her husband became seriously ill so she retired to devote herself to caring for him. Because they liked Delaware they moved to this area and her husband spent his last days at the Kutz Home. She is an ardent Zionist and would now like to offer more of her time and her talents to Hadassah.

Miriam's older daughter is Rachel, a librarian, following her mother's example. Miriam tells us Rachel is also a superlative baker. She does "sinfully" delicious desserts for special occasions. She is a caterer who does bridal showers, office parties, and other events. Taking after his Mom, Rachel's son Benjamin is a cook at a Baltimore restaurant.

Her younger daughter is Louisa. She and her husband have a winery in Santa Maria California. Their label is Verdad, which is a great choice for a wine. Remember, "in vino veritas". They, and their 12 year old son Theo, live in Arroyo Grande, a small town about an hour and a half from Santa Barbara. Her daughters give more evidence of how vital and interesting Hadassah members are. It sounds like a good vacation destination, too.

Miriam is an author as well as a talented artist. Her co-written book, "Distinguished African Americans in Aviation and Space Science", is available on Amazon. She says it is outdated. However, it is likely unique and it is the only source of information for some of the individuals profiled in its pages. She still gets occasional royalties from it .She is also the author of professional articles for library publications. She enjoys music and somehow found the time to participate in choral groups.

I was truly impressed by the painting she titled “Wedding Day". It displays not just a scene, but a mood, and a sisterly moment. She tells us her purpose in her art is to display and enhance the ordinary moments that make life meaningful.

Check out her website, miriamsideas.blogspot.com. For the joy of a museum visit on your computer screen, view her artwork on miriamspaintings.blogspot.com. Miriam Sawyer is on Facebook so visit her there as well.

The Hadassah Chapter of Hadassah is fortunate to have her available to share her time and talents with us. I hope she attends some Hadassah events so those of us who have not yet met her will have the opportunity to spend some time with her.

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