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Share Your Wish Charity

Looking to simplify your child's birthday while teaching the virtues of charity? 

With Share Your Wish, you can teach your children just that. 

Share Your Wish enables you to-

Create an invitation to the party you have planned,

Choose up to three (3) charities (Shaloma being one of them)  

· Choose a Donation Level, the percent of your child's gifts that they will share with charity

· The invite is sent by Share Your Wish via email

· All contributions made through ShareYourWish are shared, based on your donation level, between the Gift Fund and the Donation Fund ( ie: 50/50 the child will get 50% of donation via check two days after your party and charity will get the rest) 

· You will use the Gift Fund to purchase a special gift(s) for your child

· We will process the Donation Fund to your selected charities, in your child’s name.


 Shaloma Hadassah has been added to the over 125 non profit charities that share your wish is able to support. Please check out their website at www.shareyourwish.com for more info



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