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Where is Henrietta?


Did you know that Henrietta Szold travels all over the world? She is on her way to Brazil with Luise Burman and to Australia with Sharon Cross. She will be traveling to Arizona and Las Vegas and many other parts of the country and world in the weeks to come. Continue to view this page to see where she is and to see pictures of her in the many places she will be traveling to.


The newly designed Henrietta was created by Corky Arkovich. Thanks for the great Henrietta



Henrietta at a well-known Paulista (that means someone or something from San Paulo) restaurant called La Figuera (The Fig Tree), which is constructed around a 100 year old fig tree that literally grows up through the roof and spreads its branches way out over the street.  Its enormous width is an indication of its age Henrietta visited the Mercado Municipal, the indoor food market.  You can have lunch on the second floor, which resembles a food court overlooking the selling floor, and gives one a great view of lovely stained glass windows on the opposite wall.  Henrietta saw tropical vegetables and fruits we don't have here.  In this picture she's in with some cucumbers or squash that have an unusual shape


Also at the Mercado Municipal.  Here, just in back of Henrietta, you can see chirimoyas, a luscious, juicy tropical fruit I had never seen or tasted before.  Yum! Just to indicate where Henrietta is, sho's perched on the license plate of our kids' car...a Hyundai SUV specially fitted with bullet proof windows.  How's that for making you feel safe?  I worry that our family needs that kind of protection at all!




Jane G. Strom, Henrietta Szold and a Beefeater at the Tower of London



Henrietta flew Virgin Australia throughout her trip. Here is her arrival in Melbourne. The first place Henrietta and Sharon stayed was in Creswick, famous for their wool. At the Ballarat Animal Park a kangaroo tried to eat Henrietta


Henrietta went to Phillips Island to see the penquins come ashore at night. But on the way she stopped at Churchill Island to visit the local farm animals. The start of the Great Ocean Road and all the beautiful sights.



Along the Great Ocean Road is the beautiful sight of the 12 Apostles. Henrietta said the view was fantastic!



Henrietta getting ready to board the ferry to Kangaroo Island, which is at the end of the Great Ocean Road.  Henrietta stayed near Emu Bay on Kangaroo Island. Here is the view from her front yard. The house where Henrietta and Sharon and company stayed on Kangaroo Island.



After Kangaroo Island Henrietta went to Adelaide. A fountain in front of a shopping mall. Then there was Cairns. It rained for 4 days! But we found other things to do. There is a beautiful esplanade in Cairns that has a public pool that is bigger than any Henrietta has seen before.



And then there was the Great Barrier Reef! This is the boat and platform that Henrietta traveled on to get out to the reef. While at the reef, Henrietta took a helicopter ride to view the reef from above. What a view!! Henrietta and Sharon getting ready to go snorkeling at the reef. What beautiful fish and coral we saw.



And then there was Sydney. Henrietta saw a lot of Sydney on our Hop-on-Hop-off ride. Remember Sydney hosted the Olympics so there are a lot of reminders around the city of that time. The Australia Museum of Sydney. Henrietta liked all the replicas of distant animals that lived on the continent. 


Henrietta in front of the Sydney Convention Center which is located at Darling Harbour Darling Harbour and the city of Sydney have lots of tall buildings. This is Henrietta at Darling Harbour. Circular Quay (pronounced key) is the main hub of the city. Here Henrietta caught ferries to other places in the city and subways back to her hotel.



Henrietta and Sharon at the famous view of the Sydney Opera house and bridge. This view is from the famous  Mrs. Macquaire's Chair. Henrietta really enjoyed her time in Australia with Sharon and her family.


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